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What is Multidimensional Music ?

It's not music in the common sense of the word,
it does not follow convention, fad or tradition.

It's a vibration, free and alive
which obeys the soul's urge and the body's tempo.

Created out of a "unique inner experience",
it is never rearranged, rectified or corrected "afterwards".

It is composed of higher consciousness, coherent energy & sound.
It connects with soul, body, mind and spirit...

It contains specific sound frequencies,
but it's not only sound, energy and music,
it is RESONANCE within.

It's a tool to reconnect with our real SELF,
a key to open what was closed.
It's a new software, very soft and quite aware,
it's a bridge to the source,
it's a sonic vector to the multiples dimensions we are made of.

How was it created and where does it come from ?

In order to remain free of outer influences
& to listen to my inner source only,

I have chosen not to learn music "academically".

In this way, I have to use my inner "Jacob's ladder"
to naturally trigger energy
& ascend to the "higher spaces where music & life are one",
in the heart of the Universe,
right in the core of my own cells.

exploration of unknown dimensions

In my way, I manifest the word: "As above so below".

When I reach a state of total flow & inner presence,
I have the privilege to experience
higher states of consciousness
in which my
2 hemispheres are synchronized,
states in which all is perceived as ONE,
states in which I don't really know
if "I am playing the music"
or if I am "being played by it"...

This music is called "multidimensional" because of its "multidimensional ".

MMD Music carries coherent frequencies of light, order, integrity, & UNITY,
harmonize "dissonant" patterns of information

MMD Music re orders correct electric potentials in cell membranes
which provokes release of toxins,
hyper oxygenation of the blood,
jump of
HEMOGLOBIN level (increase of red cells number)
& stimulation of the immune system.

"Resonance" with Multidimensional music
during which people connect with their higher SELF,
explore hyperspace,
fly into their cosmos,
experience being

They travel freely in space or time,
inside their
or their DNA...
according to their present inner need...

MMD Music aligns soul /Mind /body
& provides access to the highest qualifications of the being:


- Multidimensional music is a subtle vector of conscious evolution, inducing self healing and activation of subconscious potential

Over 10 years of use of OUR CD's by thousands of listeners and therapists have established that :

MMD music sets multiple dimensions of the SELF to vibrate & resonate.
It concurs to awaken, to re order, to harmonize, to integrate and render more coherent "disordered patterns of information" responsible for dissociation of the soul / mind / body entity.

MMD music shapes invisible fields of subtle energies that have been fragmented and are dissonant* in order to "consciously" integrate them.
*dissonant energy results from accumulation & repression of deep emotions and traumatic memories.

MMD Music restores integrity of the bio energy field; its harmonic frequencies entrain a healthier, more self-conscious, more creative, more spiritual way of being.

MMD Music is a "consciousness expanding" tool helping to bridge the gap between who you actually are and whom you could be, provided that you were given a chance to "restore inner coherence" & activate "subconscious", dormant potential.

MMD Music aligns "chakras" & regulates them, (after only 3 minutes of listening). See evidence > | CHAKRAS REGULATION |


MMD music triggers emergence of ALPHA & THETA brainwaves.

SEE our "Listening Guide" | HOW TO LISTEN | (best conditions of listening for optimal result)

Multidimensional Music is vibrational, interactive, evolutive, transformational, inspiring, harmonizing, unifying, It is also stress relieving, consciousness & energy expanding, vitalizing, regenerative, DNA , healing... "It's a very subtle tool of conscious evolution".

-Effect of Multidimensional Music on blood cells

In 1992, I collaborated with a well known French Quantum Physicist, MD, Consciousness writer and professor of Physics at Poitiers Faculty of Medicine: Régis DUTHEIL and a French Biologist: Lydie RIES, which led me to foundation of the "Institute for development and expansion of Consciousness" where a great number of "Consciousness Expanding workshops" induced by resonance with Multidimensional Music took place .
Each workshop was fully documented by repeated biological testing and study of psycho-physiological effects of the music .

 " For the present time , The method that is closest to the new paradigm of medicine for the XXIst century is "Multidimensional Music", because it transforms at the same time our bio-electromagnetic field and our "consciousness".
It induces neg-entropy*. There is, first, an auto-diagnosis effect followed by a therapeutical effect as it brings into awareness traumas long time encoded from the past and corrects the field of information at the same time.
At this level of consciousness, the usual perception of time no longer exists, our "multi-dimensional body" extends beyond locality (as well in the past as in the future)" ...

Professor R.égis Dutheil

(*Neg-entropy is orderly information which organizes structures and functions of living systems and participates in intercellular bio-communication.)

Extract from PRESS ARTICLE
HOLOSONIC THERAPY Published in "La vie Naturelle"

 The book by professor Régis DUTHEIL SUPRA LUMINAL MEDICINE presents in chapter VIII Jacotte Chollet's research as a very promising "Opening onto a Medicine of the XXI century". (1992- Ed Sand. Paris)

BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH has demonstrated...
The efficiency of MMD Music in sending coherent vibrations to human

Activating cellular communication.

Triggering spectacular energy shifts.

Causing blood hyper oxygenation.

Improving haemoglobin level in the blood ,

Stimulating immune system. READ HEMOGLOBIN TESTIMONIALS
See the effect of Multidimensional Music on human blood cells










blood cells

a fresh sample

blood cells after 3 days

before listening to MMD Music

blood cells after 3 days

after listening to MMD Music


This is a fresh blood cell containning in the center a nucleus and around it red cells, one can notice the aspect of the nucleus in a perfect shapein a fresh blood sample.


This sample has been taken from a patient before listening to MMD Music , it has been kept in a fridge for 3 days , the cell organisation has been lost because of "entropy".
Entropy is the action of time on living matter, also called decay or "aging".

One can clearly see that under the action of "time", the nucleus of the white cell has been totally destroyed.


This sample has been taken from the same patient after one hour of deep listening to MMD music . This sample has been kept in a fridge for 3 days aswell.

We notice that despite 3 days spent in the fridge: the blood sample has retained most of the form & information of the cell nucleus.

It gives evidence of the positive coherent effect of Multidimensional Music® on blood cells. (neg-entropic action of MMD music).


The higher order of cell organization attained during the listening of this music resists decay : MMD music has saturated the cell with *neg-entropic (syntropic) "ordered" information that allowed "resistance" to disorder & aging.

*Neguentropy or syntropy is orderly information which organizes structures and functions of living systems and participates in intercellular bio-communication.

 There is instant resonance between consciousness / energy and body chemistry

The Higher levels of coherence and information in the white cells nuclei (slide 3) of a patient obtained after a one hour session of deep listening to MMD indicates an immediate correlation between our level of consciousness & the proper functioning of our blood cells . It undoubtedly shows that we are a UNIT.
But, modern allopathic medicine still considers our body as a strict biological entity responding mainly to "external" stimuli and has greatly ignored the tremendous impact of our own "inner" stimuli. (inner stress)

Our emotion constantly affect our body chemistry

Our expectations, our perspectives, our memories, our fears are strong parameters permanently affecting the way our body functions.
Negative emotions have been shown to be "devastating" for the body. (Norman COUSINS. U.C.L.A)
Stress is one of the main causes of disease in our highly developed highly stressful occidentl societies.

Entering into higher levels of consciousness, opening to feelings of love, appreciation, beauty and joy, feeling "safe at home" are signs of true connection with your "inner source".
These highly positive feelings trigger a new body chemistry totally beneficial for the body, it ensues increased levels of OXYGEN & HEMOGLOBIN that, in turn trigger higher energy, higher capacity for performance, higher vitality...

Healing is a state of higher creativity and coherence in which our multidimensional being is intuitively self harmonizing


- Effect of Multidimensional Music on aura
After one minute of listening to MMD, see how the aura changes...
"Your music had to grow a little on me but when it did the experience was wonderful and so the intent and how you carried it marvelously.
With the exception of very large Tibetan gongs, your music is the first which causes resonance within.
In my own experience, RENAISSANCE causes one of the two main energy columns to vibrate.
The experience was and still is ecstatic although the word fails...
INVISIBLE PRESENCE causes the outer edge of the AURA to scintillate around the body as far as my fingers can reach, then it causes the aura to integrate after a few moments and when it does, it turns into a deep translucent purplewith a white scintillating edge.
You are a genius of some kind. It's beyond music and into the ethers and subtle senses. In deepest admiration".

Ingo SWANN, a researcher of PSI and of the fuller extent of human perceptions, abilities and powers. Author of "Natural ESP", "Your Nostradamus factor", "Psychic sexuality", "Secrets of Power" among other works...

- Effect of Multidimensional Music on chakras
Research done in Bio RESONANCE Institute "IMEDIS" of Dr Sergei KAZAKOV, Moscow, Russia.

Measures are being made with a special instrument detecting levels of energy in the "chakras" with electrodes.

Dr Kazakov has been using this technique for years in order to objectivate deficiency of energy in different chakra and also to determine which medecine is appropriate to compensate this energy deficiency.
This instrument can as well measure correct glandular activity.

On :

we see energy points corresponding to the different chakra. (in green frame)
on top of median finger
is the specific point of energy measurement corresponding to coronal chakra.
Close to the wrist
is the energy point corresponding to base chakra.

A different measure is made on each chakra point before listening & after 3 minutes of listening to MMD music.


3 minutes of listening to MMD music are enough for harmonizing chakras...

MMD Music has normalised the flow of energy in the concerned chakra.

MMD music acts as a natural regulator of energy in the human system.

According to the personal need of the listener, MMD can increase the flow of energy or decrease the flow of energy depending on what the person bio-energy system requests in the moment.



- Effect of Multidimensional Music on brainwaves and hemispheric synchronising
Positive effects of MMD music have recently been measured and demonstrated at the "Institute of Higher Nervous Activity & Neuro-physiology" in Moscow, RUSSIA, by professor Dimitri VALOUEV, psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist & narcologist at hospital n° 17 in Moscow, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Measures have been performed with sophisticated equipment : a 22 channels electo-encephalograph from 0 to 30 KHz giving
a clear image of brain activity, information distribution, hemispheres synchronizing and entropy.

The study has compared the effect of MMD music with Meditation state witout music.

MMD Music provokes qualitative change in the dynamics of brain waves

It a better synchronisation of cerebral hemispheres*.

It provokes an
increase in THETA waves (very slow waves responsible for accessing sub conscious data information & higher creativity)
as well as in very slow ALPHA waves corresponding to deep relaxation & deep meditation.

It reduces "bad" Beta waves corresponding to disorder or

It increases "good" high frequency Beta waves corresponding to higher states of clarity, clear intuition & extra sensory perception.


In red THETA waves, in violet ALPHA

A- Meditation without music.

B-listening to CD CREATION

A- Meditation without music :

We notice considerable reduction of cortical activity by low frequency waves.
At the same time Beta waves in yellow keep very active but chaotic
(agitative, erratic thoughts).
Nevertheless we notice ordonance of information in right brain.
(blue zone).

B- listening to CD CREATION :

We notice large amounts in the ALPHA &THETA

Activity focuses in the right forehead and left parietal-occipital zones show both "synchronisation" & "entropy indices" which testify toeffective "intuitive-creative" activity, efficient perception of information emanating from the unconscious & work

SEE how much more ALPHA & THETA are triggered by CD CREATION (image B) as compared to (image A) "Meditation without Music".


 - Multidimensional music® does not require listening through earphones to dispensate "brain synchronizing" because this specific capacity of the music is not issued from an "audio -engineered process" but emerges out of spontaneous " state of consciousness ".
Dr Jeffrey Thompson from San Diego has demonstrated that a state of bliss, an exstatic feeling induce "spontaneous brain synchronization".
Created under such conditions, Multidimensional Music ® conveys the specific synchronizing frequencies as a "side effect" of the state of Superconsciousness & UNIFICATION it was created in.
This drawing which reprents the brain, has been spontaneously done by a 7 years’ old boy during a session with the CD "INVISIBLE PRESENCE".

To be capable of "drawing with both hands at the same time" requires synchronized use of left and right hemispheres.

The drawing shows this action has been taking place while the little boy was "in tune" with the music, although he was not told about a possible effect of the music on him.
"Tracks as Solar Lord, Transformation, and Mystery of Life, are titled to conjure up and encourage strong image response. They all encourage a kind of inner paradise of the self and permission to let energy flow and express its own creativity.
It is like being on a bridge between the two hemispheres, standing in a gateway, and being touched by rare and loving emotions vital to an always-aging brain.
None of Jacotte’ s music is written or preconceived. It is totally improvised, unknown music coming from her source; the whole of her music makes itself known in the first few tones of each track.
Multidimensional music is about the process of mind/body transformation using resonance.
Sound carries, teaches, and triggers change. Try it."

"Extract from AHP review by Ray Gottlieb & Rebecca Penneys - READ ALL REVIEW

- Multidimensional music induce creativity

Higher creativity is our true nature.


In each and every one of us, there’s a source and a well,
in each and every one of us, there’s a secret to be found and a power to be reached,
there’s a light to be lit, and a sound to be heard.
In each and every one of us, there’s a cave to be searched and a wealth to be touched,
there’s a heart to be felt, throbbing with life, filled with miracles.
In each and every one of us, there’s an artist to be born and a teacher who knows
and a healer who heals, provided that we ask (for it).

In each and every one of us, there’s a magical child who plays and loves to do so,
the child created this music as a gift and a proof,
for, how could it be in me and not in you ? It is a shortcut and a link to the source waiting for you, inside you,
an almighty "software, very soft and fully aware,
ready to fulfill your desire and answer your prayer.
You can use it immoderately to your own contentment,
there is no limit to its power,
as the more you use it, the more it grows and the more it flows,
the more it glitters and resonates in an endless smile,
like the light, at dawn, when it dazzles
and the stars at night when they twinkle,
reminding us of THE ONE.

It’s in each and every one of us,
some call it the divine and look for it in churches or temples or power places,
some call it art and think it is reserved to a happy few who have been chosen…
yet, the only way I know to be part of the chosen ones
is to choose and elect ONE’s SELF,
and to pay attention to the grandeur it deserves and the respect it requires.
Some call it science or technology,
the most incredible, the most efficient,
the most exquisite, the most adequate,
the most harmonic, the most innate, the most refined,
the most amazing techno-logos
we can dream of lies
Let it sound and resonate in accordance with the music,
let it revive, let it spring and flow,
let it answer your prayer and fulfill your desire,
let it show you how unlimited you truly are . It’s not in the Past and not in the Future,
It’s in the Contact with the source of all being
right NOW !

© Jacotte Chollet

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