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How to Listen ?
- Different modes of listening...

With earphones:
You will get a stronger effect especially if you listen to the music with eyes closed or in the dark.

With speakers:
You will feel the sounds in your body structure, we don't listen only with our ears but with our bones, our skin, our subtle structure.

Unlike other types of specific programs designed only for earphones, MMD is truly multidimensional and can be listened to both ways (earphones or speakers).

FOR OPTIMUM RESULT, both in healing and in experiencing, it is advised to listen to it with earphones of good quality.
The frequency range of the music being very specific,
it is also advised to listen to it with good speakers.


- Inner attitude

Your inner attitude is what counts most, open your heart, feel confident in your own capacity, be in touch with your feelings and try to concentrate on your inner listening, this is called DEEP LISTENING.

Comfortably relaxed in your chair, armchair or sofa, breath deeply for 3 or 4 minutes in yor diaphragm.
Forget about the outside.
Feel the waves of sound enveloping you, nurturing yo.
Let the percussive sounds gently awake, dissolve or set into motion what needs to be rebalanced in your energy field.
Let the music cradle you or uplift you, whatever is suited to you.

In most cases, you will totally forget about time and space and you will feel immersed into an out of time quantum world, floating in an infinite, eternal space, you always knew!
- What not to do ?
WHAT NOT TO DO... Don't keep your mind busy comparing this music with other music, this would prevent the actual experience to take place. Don't think about your problems, boss or unfinished work...

Don't be afraid, there's nothing to be frightened of, you are just going to reach a deeper contact with your own self, nothing alien can happen to you.

If you feel new sensations, whatever they may feel like, don't repress the. Let them be, they are important signals in your re harmonizing process. This will naturally stop after you have completed your process.

It is advised not to expect anything special in particular !
As we never know in advance which forms "released" information will take. Let your body direct the experience, trust yourself. Your body never lies to you.
- Recommandations
1 - Please check that your CD amplifier does not show increment in the base or treble.
This music should be listened to in the very balance in which it has been recorded.

2 -

3 - DON'T LISTEN TO MMD WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF HIGH DOSES OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE, this would provoke a weird resonance in the trebles, and you would then hear the music totally distorted.

4 - If you are in an episode of high physical or psychological stress or if you are sick : LISTEN to MMD ALONE.
MMD is highly interactive and you don't want to unwillingly get other resonance than your own, when you get more familiar with MMD and with your real SELF you can listen to it in company.
- Examples of what may happen
Because it is highly resonant MMD music may sound different at each audition of it.

here are examples of what may happen during your audition of this music...

Recommendation : Due to its high interactivity, MMD may sound different each time you listen to it, especially in the beginning.
This is due to the
resonance process involved. This is more likely to happen while you are in the phase of unfolding and unifying different fragments of your being

Reverberation of certain frequencies occurs after emotions and feelings have been repressed for too long. These repressed emotions or feelings are still present (even if they occured years ago), though ignored.
Due to the action of the music, they are now called back into manifestion, in order to be consciously included and welcomed
(digested so to speak), as conscious parts of your being, (instead of being kept unconsciously apart and scattered as fragments). If this is the case, you may perceive base sounds as predominant.

Absorption of certain frequencies occurs when your being has been energy deprived for a long time, it automatically feeds on the frequencies present in the music.
This may occur as well in the base as in the treble sounds according to your present need.
When this occurs, you won't actually hear the frequences you absorb and here again you will perceive the music as distorted.

Feeling cold: you may feel very cold while listening to this music. This is due to the fact that you have turned your senses and awareness inward. You are going to the center, getting in touch with the life force inside,tuning with infinite consciousness/ energy which is present in every point of your inner sanctuary.
This is a normal phenomena signaling an important harmonizing or healing being taking place
It will cease when you have integrated the transformation.

Once you have re harmonized and unfolded subconscious or unconscious data, you will hear the music harmoniously.
The more harmony you find in the music, the more harmony and communication you have actually achieved in and between the multiple dimensions of your being. RE HARMONISED

- Who is it for ?

Listened to at normal or low level,
MMD can improve your meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi kong, Reiki, DNA activation, massage or whatever breathing or energy technic you are using...
ALPHA - THETA - Hemisphere synchronizing

MMD can be very efficient in assisting sessions of psychoanalysis or any psychological approach, favoring deep connection of the patient with him or herself and access to unconscious or subconscious repressed data.

Most people in prey to "can't sleep" episodes use it to find a deep restful sleep, put the CD and listen to it while in bed.

It is good for aging people whose brain is in need of hyperoxygenation and for young ones whose brain is developing at high speed.

MMD is active in re sourcing, enlightening and heightening your spirits when in a depressive episode.

MMD is good for babies in the womb. Their main connection with the outside world is through the sense of hearing, listening to MMD will enhance their musical ability as well as provide them with a BETTER OXYGENATION.

After a full day at school, children tend to be nervously exhausted or excited and it might be good for them to calm down while listening to MMD for half an hour, before doing homework.
Listen at normal volume.

Students may use it while doing home work, it will maintain them in an easy concentrated, creative state of mind.

Artists are welcomed to put MMD while performing their creative art, whatever it may be dancing, sculpting, painting, writing...

The THETA waves present in the music will open them to deeper creative states.


MMD enhances the effect of any activity you may be performing, it is especially
recommended for massage, bodywork, tantric exercices ...

- When to listen ?

MORNING: if you listen to MMD in the morning after a good night sleep, you will receive a lot of energy from the music which you can later use for whatever purpose.

EVENING: if you listen to the music in the evening, MMD will help releasing stress accumulated during the day.

NIGHT: if you listen at night, at low volume, you can go on tripping with the music, and the next day you will better recall your dreams.

- How often ?

There are many ways to listen to MMD, the one that seems to work best for people wanting to benefit and fully unfold its healing capacities is :
to dedicate yourself 4 to 5 times a week to a "one hour long session of deep
listening", in whatever position you choose (you can do more and you can do less, it is up to you).

MMD is not like a medicine that you take routinely everyday, it is an inner journey, a self discovery, a consciousness expanding adventure...

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