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Experiences with CD RENAISSANCE



After 2 years of going to her website and thinking about it, i finally acquired all 10 cd's from French visionary sound artist, Jacotte Chollet.
This is some of the most intensely PHYSICAL and overtly HEALING synthesis I have had the pleasure of experiencing…

Less than 30 seconds into listening to this first disc in the series, "Renaissance" I felt like I was coming on to an entheogen, complete with the initial anxiety and subsequent dilation of my personal consciousness.

The second piece, the twenty-minute "Transformation" By minute 3, I am on a steep gradient into a "delta" state and basically asleep before reaching minute 5. But dreaming floridly, experiencing intense visuals (and this is
without chemical assistance, mind you.) A vision comes to me in a dream indicating the root area of my chronic physical pain. I am shown EXACTLY where the problem is, but realize that there is some work to do to be able to unpackit.

The 10 minute third piece entitled, "Expansion" begins with an palpable wiggle in the third eye which builds into an interesting Enoesque environment that is quite distinct from the previous two pieces. By the beginning of minute 2, I'm feeling distinct SHIFTS in my head as, so it seems to me, the cranium adjusts to the sound envelope.
I am also getting strong vibrations in the base chakra and the soles of my feet are tingling; soon, my entire right foot from the top of the ankle down is tingling. (later, I remember the injury 34 years ago.)

The last piece, "Renaissance," is a "third eye" work-out.
Photonic swirling is ricocheting inside my cranium for eternity & it feels great! By the end, my head feels clear and I seem much more focused in my attention and more Present.

I found this recording to be a profound energetic experience.
On repeated listen, completely new aspects keep leaping out with each listen
. If I close my eyes, I get recognizable Visions. I've been sleeping more deeply and my dream life has become more active.
More on THAT later! If I was to try to qualify it, I would say this disc is about being OPEN TO CHANGE.

Darv ZRIZTON, « Visionary Music »
Extract from review, read full REVIEW :


When I listened to the first track, I had an intense experience.I had intentionally missed the description of each CD, TO MAKE SURE THAT WHAT I FEEL is authentic, not prompted by the information and experience of other people.
Visions started almost immediately. I saw my 'double' sitting cross-legged, just as I was listening to the music.

I felt overwhelming sorrow, then pink lights appeared around my 'double', then entered through the heart. I 'knew' that this was the energy of love I lost - now it was coming back to me.
Then the pink ray of light shot out of my heart through the back. I could see the vortex of energy, entering my heart in spirals, and exiting at the back.
Then my 'double' started to spin and was sucked into a vortex of greyish-white tunnel.

As track 2 was playing, I felt deeply relaxed, and sunk in and out of dream-like state.

By force of my will I entered into the library of my subconscious believes. I took books, volumes containing negative self-image. They were entered into a 'psychic' shredder - which looked like a standing wall of light. I could feel the released, emptied space, vibrant and full of energy.
At some point, certain note entered into my right ear, I sensed the pressure on the right side of my head for about 40 seconds.

As track 3 started to play I was in trance. I used it for self-hypnosis, positive affirmations.
I also had a vision of looking at the source of my emotions. It was a stale pool of dark water. THEN as if by magic it cleared, and turned into a clear spring.

During track 4 I am more alert. I had a sensation of being invaded by some energy, it make me feel disgusted and physically I felt sick. I 'saw' this energy being washed away by rain and running through the gutters. I asked Earth to absorb and clear it.
Almost at the end I had peculiar vision. I saw myself to be a string of light in elliptic structure all made of strings.

Music of the 'RENAISSANCE' plays me. I see myself vibrating, sound is the 'player', but I am producing the same sound simultaneously.
It is a contradiction, it is logically impossible, but this is how it felt.

Thank you again.

(next…) second listening of CD RENAISSANCE.

Dear Jacotte,

Generally I noticed that after listening to MMD before sleep my dreams are more vivid, colourful, and I can remember them in detail. I am also more aware during the sleep, so actually able to say myself 'Now I AM DREAMING. Remember what you see'. Also as I am going through difficult time in my life, at times I suffer from attacks of anxiety and uneasiness. Listening to MMD lifts these feelings and give sense of well-being.

As I listened second time to a 'Renaissance' to my amazement, I heard it differently ( !!) - as if on the background there was an orchestra performing a wonderful symphony with violins and flutes. I did not hear it like that again though.

I think that your music made it possible for me to experience what I knew only intellectually from studies of Buddhism, in my blood and in my whole being.
Than I saw how when awaken I would perceive reality - as a computer programmer of a virtual reality. As in the film 'Minority report' I saw myself touching the virtual screen and having instant access to detailed information on anything I focus on.

With LOVE,

As soon as I put the CD on I felt the presence of archangel Mickael alongside with me and I saw my self by a cascade of clear water : I dived into the water & was attracted towards the depth by a light : an immense oyster was there wide open (it was exactly the same scene as the famous painting : birth of Venus) and there a voice told me to lay down & I could hear the words : « be rebirthed in love », but, as I wasn’t feeling totally secure dolphins came to swim with me and comfort myself.

Finally I accepted to go inside the gigantic oyster and was dazzled by white light. Then I found myself engulfed into a black tunnel in which I was floating without any fear despite the fact that in general I am claustrophobic, but another light was expecting me at the other end of the tunnel…
Then my consciousness reintegrated my body and I could see empty galleries being filled with a blue & thick liquid, as if prior to that the arid soil was being moistered…

AGNES. France, Nov 2005.
I was almost immediately touched by the sweetness and the infinite tenderness emanating from this music, I was enveloped by a feeling of love both feeding me & urging me to keep on listening.
An incredible richness of sounds so new to me was overwhelmingly fulfilling me, beyond any expectation.
The sufferings and pains I was carrying in me since I had stopped playing piano faded away and were replaced by magic and wonder.
It did not take me long to understand that an important part of my being was resurrecting, I was exalting out of inner joy.

MMD music caused me to experience specific physical sensations like the triggering of old known painful spots after accidents followed by their gradual disparition, but also very old shocks reawakened & imerged from my unconscious
(I had no conscious memory of them,) waking me up from the deep sleep I was in .
At once, I felt a neat improvement of my energy level, but also it enhanced my capacity for endurance and kept my spirits high.
I am now better balanced & I even became able to sustain episodes of deep peace, even serenity.

C. Maillet.
therapist, Paris, France.
Listen to this music inspired from the "heart of the world" & exhaled on your life.
Let the dance shake your inner old clothes and transform them into "enlightened dawns", while bathing into the vibration of love you will be vivified & born again to yourself.

Then, you can acknowledge the "grandeur" which is encoded into the human reign & you can start working for peace, harmony & love.

Therapist, Paris, France.
When I discovered this music I was at once attracted to it because of its sparkling quality of vibration that it provided me.
This music addresses to the global being including the cosmic dimensions of the universe.
The CD "RENAISSANCE" made me journey into my body cells...

I am quite aware of a number of "relaxation" music but those of Jacotte address to another form of perception, they awake and connect to the body structure.
Each time I listen to them, I have a vibrational experience and I experience gratitude and joy, I see colors and progressively I feel my body is re-harmonizing.

M.BOUCHER. Dance-therapist, Paris, France.
I listened several times to your first CDs, & it was really pleasurable, RENAISSANCE made me shed "tears of joy".
Your music made miracles, it caused emergence of emotions & pains I had experienced during my chiildhood & which were well hidden inside, you music made me consciously reconnect with myself.

This deep and powerful experience made me release tensions that were kept hidden & blocked at a cellular level & since I had this experience, I feel richer in my relationships with others...

Gian Luigi POL . Fractal therapy, Padova, Italy.
Thank you for the richness that I found in your music & for the infinite possibilities it offers.
It is not easy to find adequate words to express that feeling.

I thank you for the autenticity that I find in your work, it resonates into the other and offers itself as a gift to those who can welcome it.
May your work be able to connect those who are looking for a new chance to be born to life!
Infinite thanks to you!

M.M. Music teacher, BEAUVAIS, France.
I was at your presentation in San Jose and I had three distinct sensations-experiences-visions, the first I call "the Dream from childhood":
I immediately had the feeling I already knew this sonic piece, I recognized it .
I have already heard these sounds in my dream when I was about 10 years old, a dream that
I remember all my life...

Your music immersed me back in the blissful, tender, blue waters, those warm light waves permeated with the sunrays of dawn. And the rising sun in the horizon was a huge rosy-white rose with crystal drops of dew or diamonds on the edges of its petals. And the music was waving, caressing me in the warm, tender, turquoise waters, while the rose-sun was shining and calling me so lovingly.

When I became an adult I swore to myself that, in difficult moments, I would always recall that dream and that each time
I would admit that my life was not a waste. Alas, I keep forgetting about it...
But your music returned me to that dream and I experienced it again at my 63 years of age when that composition was playing!
Thank you for your work. I was glad and privileged to experience it. I wish you further achievements.

Lena Jacobson. San Jose, California, USA.
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LIGHT WORKERS LOOKING FOR VIBRATORY INFORMATION should check out the entire series of discs by Jacotte.
This is music which can actually revamp one's bioenergic field into a more harmonious state. I'm not kidding.
This release, "INVISIBLE PRESENCE," improves the listener's connections to their "Higher Self", Holy Guardian Angel or your "Inner Teacher."

The 12 minute, "Solar Lord," is quite slow and stately, with a bass pulse in the heart chakra every five secs or so. A synth drone and some phasing provide a sacred tamboura-like atmosphere.
A synth lead sinuously winds through the piece like an harmonium and some harp trills aesthetically placed suggest some playfulness. Overall, the piece is quite still and meditative, easily taking the listener down into low-theta.
This piece took me deeply into the center of my heart, where a star was shining, and the reverberations caused my third eye to open wide.../...

The synchronistic thing about this composition was that a couple of minutes into the piece, during my first ever listen to it, my CD player suddenly TURNED OFF! This was to be the first of numerous strange technical things that have been happening in this apartment since I started working with multidimensional music...
The title song, "Invisible Presence," is a 20 minute offering of extremely well done "space music" on a par with Jonn Serrie's planetarium music.
I could use this piece in a set that also had recordings of actual interplanetary space: it provides a feeling of cosmic vastness while still apparently centered in the heart.
This album seemed to me to be in the DELTA /THETA frequency ranges, very relaxing and not alert, easy to slip into slumber.
"Invisible Presence" is about reconnecting to the Higher Self in a more conscious way.

> As an experienced sound explorer, I can state that Jacotte's music is pretty tradition-transparent compared to many other artists in the genre…


Extact from review, read full REVIEW :
I am aware of the place where I am & of the manner in which I am sitting, I am aware of being in my room.
A few instants later, I directly perceive the outside of my room: the street out there, Spain, the unity of the whole & I can jump like if I was on a trampoline, & I jump until I feel totally immersed in empty space. I feel so light; I am impregnated with an indefinable subtle essence, gently floating into an immense ocean of energy.

Subtle images emerge under the form of « very subtle leaves » created by the musical notes that strike my ears & traverse my whole being in an interminable motion…
Now I am contemplating bubbles of energy that explode & liberate multiple geometrical forms as well as countless colours all different one from the other. Now I try to have a more precise self-perception & I feel I am at the same time « myself & the whole” I exist as a separate being but not a solitary one.

Then some kinds of white very subtle leaves imbedded with designs appear, something like « cut-outs for children », the one actually in front of me is more precise in its centre & I perceive an image that escapes (jumps) out of it, the space it was occupying is now empty, but it is quickly replaced by another form… I realize that innumerable leaflets appear parallel one to the other, they succeed to one another until they fade in the darker space behind, it’s very subtle & makes me think of the tail of a comet…
While manifesting the first form, the first figure becomes denser & takes well defined contours & all those that succeed are quite subtle, I have the impression that they are « first energetic sketches » of future incarnated physical forms.

This vision is hatched by numerous series of other leaflets floating in a transparent magma, these very subtle leaves emanate light out of themselves, and they are not lit from the outside but from the inside.
Now I am watching my first « leaf » & I realize that in the rest of the leaves floating around I feel the presence of familiar beings : members of my family, all those surrounding me in my life as well social as professional & I also notice that in the leaves that are in the background there are some beings yet unknown to me that are waiting to take a physical form & manifest in my existence (life).

I also recognize myself in these leaves, there I am & I realize that we are all interdependent & that there is no separation whatsoever but, at the same time I have a sensation of absolute freedom like I never experience up to now in my life !

I want to stress the point that I did not know the CD title before listening to it.

Remedios Gari. Valencia, June 2006, Spain.
Studying can be a joyfull experience with CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE

A few years ago, I decided to start University again, not easy after 8 years of interruption… So I was in pain and my energy was very low…
One day, my husband brought me a CD : INVISIBLE PRESENCE that sounded very unusual even strange, but I soon felt that when listening to it I was surrounded by a mysterious energy that was litteraly holding me, carrying me, transporting me, & I realised this was a decisive encounter !

When I would listen to it during my University work, I would keep on learning witht any effort, my ideas were clear and I felt a new enthusiasm,
It was like old chains were crumbling down and new horizons were opening in front of me…
Soon INVISIBLE PRESENCE was « on » almost 24 hours a day at home, studying turned into a joyful experience !

What is really surprising me is that even after 5 years of listening to it, I never got fed up with it, I felt no saturation and I succeeded to all my exams on the go for 5 years…
I have discovered since your other CDs that I listen with great pleasure, but whenever I have a problem to solve, or an important decision to take I listen to INVISIBLE PRESENCE & my spirits clear up, my intellect becomes performant and I feel comforted by this same mysterious energy that I felt the first time I listened to it….

L.C. France, December 2005.
Vibrant music resonating, echoing into the other,
Cosmic music in all states of matter, fluid, limpid or dense,
Music of the invisible, music of subtle energies from the body, the soul, spirit,
Music of the now, origin and ending of time.

In INVISIBLE PRESENCE, I feel a connection with humanity, with the being, the other and the self being united, sensitivity, quest for more encounters, joy, exultation…
The second track form this CD enraptures me and I see myself aboard a space ship flying in the universe, discovering galaxies, I have a sense of being propelled ahead...
Thank you! We are so much more gifted than we think.

Your music is a music of freedom, it renders the listener more independent and more transparent,as vibrant as crystal. Intense thanks!

F.L.G. Bracquemont, France.
For a few instants of eternity, a veil lifted up.
I was and could see Music, I had no more body, no more thought...
Each cell from my body was playing and resonating, & being enlightened at the same time, they were dancing .
My body was at the same time the instrument playing it & music itself in full plenitude.

Time had stopped its course, the immensity of my field of consciousness was such that I felt shear delight, my perception of what life really is was expanded.
I was Music itself, "I WAS"...

I was bathed into a fairy like dimension made of LIGHT. Unforgettable experience generating great joy and incommensurable peace.

C. Berguerand, Switzerland.
I think this music describes the space in which worlds are in motion. Sounds and musical phrases don’t evoke anything from the earth; we can hear a cosmic origin in the music.
This music can remain as hermetic to some as it can be revealing to others, as is the language of birds…

What is certain is that it reveals to me all my blocking (a huge repressed anger).
What strikes me is that from one listening to the other one does not remember the music: each time I have the impression I am listening to it for the first time!
This strangeness attracts me, this music is "inhabited" & "alive", it nurtures us and transforms us.
May be it will provide a definition, a real criteria of what is to be considered as "sacred" in the times to come.
No doubt that this new kind of therapy proves adequate to help developing our "metabody", as it should be for today and tomorrow.
Be assured of my gratitude for the work of transmission that you are doing which is also a gift of yourself for which I am grateful.

J. Hauméné. le Mans, France.
Listening to your CD was listening to the "song of the universe" & it brought tears of joy in my eyes!
Never before had any music given me this extraordinary feeling: to be at the same time in my own heart & in the heart of the world.

In the depth of my own intimate world I feel an extreme joy, a feeling that will last for several hours...
I don't know if nature itself is singing inside me or if I am the singer...
For the first time I realize the deep meaning of prayer: to be in total accordance with ones own self & with the world...
in resonance to the sound, I see rainbows, I see colors, I feel vibrations...each one is an expression of perfection...
This dialogue between my self & the universe culminates into a deep feeling of reconciliation between the sacred world & the material world!

C.Vaillant-B. Therapist, St BRIEUX, France.
INVISIBLE PRESENCE offers me deep relaxation and drives to a very special place where I feel safe well "at home"...
An airy vibration massages my tissues in depth and opens them...
What a deep emotion to be back "home in a sonic jacuzi!"
With all my gratitude for your guidance...

E. Poitevin. Therapist, Paris, France.
For me your music opens to the Divine as would a realized master do.
The end part of your CD INVISIBLE PRESENCE is highly efficient & powerful enough to induce detachment from the body as well as the track called "Expansion" in your CD RENAISSANCE during which audition I have experienced, for a moment, being a "witness"which is the real way of functioning of the SELF.
Thank you.

Denis COLIN. Paris, France.
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Experiences with CD UNITE ( 2 CD )



It is extremely relaxing and is a long sustained "delta sleep voyage" healing the listener back to the wholeness and oneness of all being.
I fell asleep during the first 3 listens of both respective disc: a total of SIX passouts! Couldn't even stay awake when I was TRYING to. After these 6 listens, I could not differentiate the compositions in my mind or memories. It all ran together.
In order to write the following descriptions, I had to listen to the recordings upon arising from my night's sleep and write my impressions down immediately. Even these sessions had to be repeated over a number of days, faithfully in the morning.

In the waking state, one has a physical body; when asleep, and dreaming, one has a "dreambody" or "subtle" body; in dreamless sleep, one enters into a formless state, the "causal" body, in which their is only an infinite Vastness of pure nonconscious awareness. The Vedics called this reality "Alaya" and said that in deep dreamless sleep we are closest to our true nature -- the pure awareness of the Alaya -- and in simple natural bliss.
This reality has been given many names I think: the Qabalistic "Ain Soph," the Buddhist "Svavabhavikhaya" and the Western concept of the "Great Void," an Immense Emptiness of Absolute Potential from which all form (or rather the experience of form) arises as the "Oneness." This is Unity in its penultimate sense.
This album provides the listener with an opportunity to touch and to remember touching the Oneness.

Extract from review, read full REVIEW :

I listened to your double CD UNITE, listening to CD1 brought to me the deep sensation that I was being strangled by someone, I could hardly breathe, I could feel hands on my mouth, the person acting on me was behind & I could not see who it was, then I felt being violated like if I was going to die…
I must say that in this present lifetime I never experienced being sexually attacked …

Then I understood that ther was a link between these scenes & some pains & problems that I have been experiencing for some time : headaches, problems in my throat, uncontrollable crying during sexual intercourse etc…
I told myself keep on listening !

Lately with the same CD1 from UNITE, I experienced convulsions in my whole body I was struggling & trying to scratch someone with my nails, it was difficult to breathe then I felt some kind of sexual pleasure followed by feelings of shame and culpability, then I felt my left side trembling again…

I keep on listening to your music,
thank you! Thank you so much Jacotte!

Valery. July 20th 2006, France.
When I started listening to plage 1 I felt as if I was listening to a horror film putting me in touch with intense fear even terror & I could see black and white images coming from another lifetime where I was chased, before being caught, tortured and killed !
All is coming up to the surface of my consciousness (awareness) as I keep listening this music… I feel that I have to keep listening to this music in order to keep watching my inner process of getting rid of these terrible memories that are still rpresssed inside me.
I know that the day when I can listen to that music and feel that it is OK and even harmonious, then it will mean that I am finally freed from this past…

I immediately feel an immense love, this wave of love invades my body, waves of heat and love go through my body from feet to head as if to clean my body and help remove old cellular memories (quite enjoyable) ;
then after I have being emptied of these dissonant fragments I realize I am being filled with new energy charged with millions of informationsding my cells and I have the feeling that these new information will help me evolve and find new schemes better corresponding with what I need to find.

AGNES. FRANCE, Nov 2005.


Transcendental, ethereal, reverential,
Tears out of recognizing something sacred, a soul rhythm that my mind, heart, body and soul have been hungry for.

I was a sea swan lavish on the currents of an ethereal rhythm.
Reverence, tears of gratitude to be suffused by these transcendent chords.
Celestial music, channeled from heavens. Mystical musician,
I was transported to the part of me that resonates with divine life force energy, call it what God may !
Everyone in the healing arts &, expansion of consciousness field needs to experience the mysticism of this music.

M.Jurika. Transpersonal counselor, Piedmont, California, USA.

When I had the privilege to listen to your last compositions, I was sitting in an armchair with my eyes closed.
I want to tell you that the 1st thing which strikes me as regards your compositions, is that most of your musics are of an extreme beauty, a beauty which instantaneously fills me up and triggers in me a kind of orgasmic pleasure as well as the sensation of hovering in the room as if I had left my body.
I have all your CDs and I often play them…
I noticed I now have an organic need to listen to your music.

Yves Chabert. Brie et Angonnes, France.
For a few months, Mozart in his pieces evoking joy as well as certain Techno pieces from Cox enchanted me until I felt sheer saturation.
Yesterday night, feeling the "blues", I play your CD UNITE, and it was magical ! I experienced total plenitude something close to what is evoked by Krishnamurti & that emanated also from your other CDs.


Experience with CD 2 : MYSTERE de la VIE.

I feel a sensation of inner motion inside my body, I feel an ondulation, my body moves like a big S.
I notice these movements & I have the impression I am becoming a big serpent that moves not on the ground but in space. Then this serpent looks at me right into my eyes, as if it were in 2 locations at the same time, inside me and facing me.

The serpent’s face, I don’t remember if it was a cobra but I know it was big!
Thank you Jacotte!

CARMEN. Transpersonal Therapist, Zaragoza, Spain, 2006.



Multidimensional music proposes extremely diversified ensembles of musical frequencies composed
of sounds with multiple harmonics going from bass to treble, creating complex vibratory movements.
The musical result is harmonious but generally gives a strange feeling and provokes emergence of emotions and ideas that gradually replace the ordinary flow of consciousness.

The effect is undeniable, for instance, when listening to the track called CHRONOS in the CD UNITE, after the habitual feeling of the flow of time had dissolved we were floating in a suspended time.
We had the feeling of being plunged into a subliminal space of light beyond the light barrier, a space in which emotions, concepts and meanings appear under a new rapport and a new light & from which a global understanding emerges...

Pr R.Dutheil. Quantum Physicist, Medical Dr. , Author of "Supraliminal Medicine", Paris, France.



The first night I listened to it I felt numb in my legs, kind of paralyzed, with tingling all over, I felt my cells like thousands
of shining stars, my body was the sky, the universe and all of a sudden a golden geyser sprang from my heart, pure Joy.
Second night: with the same music, again numbness all over and in addition the sensation my head was tightened under
a helmet, I feel an intense cold inside.
3rd night: a subtler numbness accompanied by sadness, insatisfaction and frustration.
Next morning, I feel a headache. I meditate in the rising sun and all of a sudden I understand why and how I have been suffering and accept it. At last!
Thank you, thank us.

M.G. Rennes. France.

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Experiences with CD CREATION



What a truly amazing and satisfying recording this is!! I would think anybody with a love & appreciationfor Angelic or Ascension music would really enjoy this album…/…
I swear my toes were curling by the second minute of the second song & the rest was a feast for the senses.
The name of the album is CREATION, and that is indeed what it is about. feeling creative, thinking
creatively and creating realities.
so it is quite active and energizing, while at the same time being very suggestive on a visual level.

The initial piece, "Heaven," is a playful 7 minute improv on some ideas that are signature Debussy…/… it is also magical and mysterious, suggestive of something evanescent of a higher reality being miraculously translated downward to a denser reality../…
The ten minute, "Oratorio," takes us to the Sea of Light. This entire sequence is so well arranged and executed, I'm pretty much in awe by the end.
The fifth track, "Cosmic Love," There is an intense sensation of deep love and I check my heart chakra only to realize -- !! -- this is in the crown chakra and I'm about to go over the falls into ekstasy!! o man!!
The final piece, "Space Song," is 17 minutes beyond the threshold in a paradoxical realm that the inner voice says is where Will originates.
This is not simple galactic or transgalactic space. This is more like the Pleroma or the Logos: Void of Absolute Potential.

Darv ZRIZTON, April 2007.
Extract from review, read full REVIEW :

I had in first line very healing experience, I am epileptic and after listening the music I always became more peacefull, better concentration and in general more imune on stress.
For me is good to listening in the evening, before sleeping, cause I already have natural tendency for out of body experiences, my trigger for epilepsy is in the right side of the brain in temporal lobe, also called God module.

I am also artist, writter and theatre director and in the moment I am busy with topic Future from anatomical and visionary point of view and I found your music very familiar and powerfull.

While listening
CD Creation, I felt less tension in body, lower temperature in head and got very inspired, felt almost connected with intergalactic Being.
But on the other side, I can't listen this music more than 30-45 minutes in a day, few days in a week, cause I can get pritty ungrounded and than I have this light head feeling.
This are my very short impressions, have a nice day, Greets !

Dear Jacotte
Your CD CREATION –interests me most- it develops in myself an inner vision of colours and invites me into a kind of lucid dreaming filled with beautiful visions, these inner visions are so alive & so clear that whenever I contemplate them I have the feeling to be in another world filled with wonderful landscapes (as is mentioned in Yoga Vasishta).
These scenes dynamically organized like a ballet give me the feeling that I am in a very stable space infused with beauty & they last so long that I sometimes forget about the music itself! When I wake up, I feel dizzy especially on my forehead but it’s like emerging to active life after taking a nap…
I have been really impressed by the steadiness and the stability of these visions, sometimes they appeared like if they came out of beautiful paintings like those of Poussin or of Lorrain referring to antiquity, with old temples etc…
Bravo for creating such music! I am really grateful, thank you !

D.A. June 2006. France.
When I listen to your CD CREATION, I feel tingling in my face, my chin, my upper lip & in diverse places in my body : in my trunk and my limps.
I feel activation of energy circulation, energy is visiting my head: I feel circular motions on my forehead, in between my 2eyes, in one of my teeth, then energy is activated in my left kidney in my neck, in my throat. This “energetic visit” of your music inside my body is quite amazing for me!
When I was listening to the last track of your CD all my body became “MUSIC”, I felt dazzling points of light pervading all my cells…Then I felt my body gradually sinking into the earth like if I had roots growing.
Then your music circulates intensely with dense energy all through my body, deep into my abdomen, my spine and I can watch what’s happening to me on my psychic inner screen at the same time! I am so grateful to you for your creation giving us all these incredible experiences, this is a “fantastic adventure” of self discovery.

THÉRÈSE. March 2006.
Since I have been listening to your music for one hour each day, I have been « psychically visiting » some of my internal organs that were suffering and needed care, when this happens to me, I send love to them & I thank them : bladder, spine, neck, base of skull cap, intestines, heart, thyroid I have really felt them & visited them.
Your music provides thrilling “journeys” that restore our health and are really costless !
I also re experienced episodes of my birth & I have the feeling that I even could feel the trace left by « forceps », this happened to me while listening to your CD CREATION, the next day while listening to CD RENAISSANCE I felt release of tension and ease. I have so much more to tell you, each session with your music transports me further & makes me experience & understand deeply my own life and the “whole”…

T.P. Bordeaux. France, Dec 2005.

I listened to your CD CREATION with a friend & I want to give you feedback on our experiences :

Track 1 Heaven :
She felt that her subtle body was enlarging, expanding, she was like « suspended in space » and was feeling very, very light.

Track 2 Magical :
she felt that her feet and her legs were moving like if they had a life of themselves independant from her will, she also felt that her third eye was reacting, she could feel a kind of « pressure » on it that made her aware of that specific energy center ! She felt quite « at ease » with the music.

** My own experiences :

Track 2 Magical :
I could feel myself a pressure on my eyes and on my brain, it was strong, almost painful… This was the second time I was listening to this track and I could hardly « recognize » the music from the first time I listened to it, this time, I was much better aware of the deeper frequencies…

Track 5 Cosmic Love :
I experienced an incredible beauty quite moving and quiteimpossible to describe with words...

Maria José C. Valencia, Espana, 2005.

First, I felt my body vibrating, like an energetic massage that released the tension and then turned my body into a sort of cold stone that was heavy and felt like a tree root grabbed into the earth, with no apparent movement.
Then, my attention stayed totally focused on the point of my 3rd eye and in my breathing & the first image appeared, it was
a sort of white channel pointed to the infinite sky.
I felt that I was giving and receiving information at the same time.
Then a lot of images flashed into me, some of them I can't remember but the one that remains is a sort of architectural tomb like the interior of a mandala with green and yellow colours that had a lot of energetic clouds, like wool, that were flying freely in a sort of a "chaotic" spiral.
Indeed it was a cosmic adventure ...

Thank you very, very much for all of the music that you are giving and sharing to people.
They break all the defences that we have, and all the heavy stuff that doesn't allow us to dream and to fly like a balloon when he frees the sand bag's.
Your music expands our "self" and enables it to connect with divine, indescribable phenomena.

> My nephew listened to track "Magical" from your CD CREATION and he saw images:
He was a sort of angel and he saw his coffin in the ground and he was flying with angels beside him playing with those triangle metal instruments.
He saw some sort of "bad" souls that looked like "bats" that were flying underneath him, in the bottom and very far away.
He said that the images of the angels were the important thing in life and that life underneath is a sort of a game.
These were his words!

Joao da Fonseca, Cinical psychologist. Lisbonne. PORTUGAL.
While we were relaxing, the settee was shaking and vibrating as if it were rocketing off...
After that, I went up very high and was moving through cosmic landscapes and magical atmospheres,
in a crystalline world, sometimes I felt worrying and scared, but not threatened.
These worlds were serene & plentiful.
Different songs led to different worlds, some of which were lit up with crystalline blue lights, others with intense golden white shrines.

> Once I even saw myself opening enormous temple doors that revealed large treasures.
In the last song I was descending back to earth like a cosmic knight in shining armor.
It felt like I was diving head down but I landed swiftly on my feet, before I started walking.
In the breaks between the songs I could feel my heart was oppressed.
The session was nevertheless light, calm and a general sense of well-being was flowing.

M.Mellet. Avilly St Leonard, France.
I hear the heart of creation palpitating & vibrating, expressing under all kinds of subtle forms ... sparkling, liquid, gaseous...
I am emerged into the heart of Creation, a multitude of sounds spring & break out, an incredible palette of fine, delicate tones that I have the feeling of knowing for ever & to find back in order to nurture myself.

All of a sudden, I realize I am smelling a strong fragrance, a rich &
powerful odor, sort of mix of vanilla, honey, banana & sweet spices.
I experience a marvelous state of inner peace & harmony.
Thank you for providing me with these "moments of eternity" & to help me travel into the heart of myself & of the Universe.

C.Maillet. Thérapist. PARIS. France.

This was my 1st exposure to Jacotte's music and it was in a large room with several other conference attendees.
I felt an opening of the pineal gland which at first I did not want to validate even to myself, but in discussing the music with another friend Joan KING and hearing that, she too, had felt the music in the pineal gland, I was comforted and excited at the same time .

After a day spent shoping, I listened to CD RENAISSANCE, I found the music soothing and healing.
There is a spot in my spinal column where I believe the inflammation from multiple sclerosis is concentrated.
> This time, I distinctly felt the tension on the left side of the scar. I remember thinking that was odd but could not find any other significance to the sensation. Other than that, I find the music extremely relaxing.

M J. Virginia. USA .

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Experiences with CD SILENT LIGHT


After the very intense tribulations of the first 3 albums, getting a lot of confused energy flushed out and such, and then the magnificence of the CREATION disc, this is a welcome experience of gentle, tender caring and unconditional nurture.

The album opens with "Silent Light," a savory 15 minute THETA journey to the Bright World.
On the wing of Prayer, we sail through the glassy sheets of Light to the Heart of an ever-arriving Dawn. A gentle, healing, nourishing swathe of the Unio Mysterium.
"Awakening" is a 13 minute piece that lures one from the precipice of slumber into an active dreaming somnolence -- the paradoxical "mind awake; body asleep" state.
After this, "Soul Memory" an 8 minute Ambient piece, evokes a quiet, solitary mood appropriate to the state we refer to as Reflection: an extended introspective consideration of a matter or of an idea (according to me.)
This composition serves as a bridge, as a calming period between sections of the album. It allows the slumberer a little time to absorb the previous material, get centered and develop a clean dominant brainwave for what follows. Which is the epic 22 minute "Tao," which is a wonderful DELTA environment.
Even though it is slow and sleep music, there is a lot of energy and goings-on here!

> Probably the gentlest and most lovely of the MultiDimensional music set, I love to go to sleep to this one. sweet like honey.


Extract from review, read full REVIEW :

Hello, I have enjoyed silent light, very much..the first track, gives sensasion through my body, the second, is more in my head.. the third brings out emosions...great stuff..

Michael S. UK, march 2007.
For me listening to this CD was connecting me with superior intelligence filled with pure love, I could feel this connection in my head.
As my right eye is blind I generally compensate this fact by working on my right ear so my axis of perception is in genral is : left eye+right ear, but during the listening of this CD it chaged my axis of perception became : right eye+ left ear, I could practcally only hear the music through my right ear and through my righ eye (that is blind)
I could watch cosmic visions (inner sight) with a multiplicity of incredibly beautiful colors…
It’s a very surprising experience for me to « see » (inner visions) through the right side of my head...
At the end, when I stood up I felt dizzy for some time which is perfectly normal after such a shift in energy ! What an experience !!

AGNES. FRANCE, Nov 2005.
Jacotte's music has the same effect as an entheogen.
It is one of my most vivid memories, lying down with my eyes closed, the music of Silent Light, moved me into an increasingly estatic state similar to the movement of MDMA...
--at first, I started to p
erceive that we lived in an earthly paradise; and I meditated on the beauty of all things of the world--the inner and outer beauty--which were one--and began to recognize that everything in the universe was inter-connected--me, the trees, the waters, the animals, the infinite being of all was dancing in the universe with me--and that my real self was divinity itself--and the music was lighting up every cell of my body with sweetness, and streaming out with Love, infinite Love--and I was floating in the milky way--and was inside the music; and then I became the music; I was pure,estatic divine vibration--everywhere at once--then, at the end of the music, I lay quietly; and when I left my darkened room and went outside-




Prof Melinda Given Guttman. New York city, USA, Educator, performance artist, lover of the arts of enlightenment.
A little feedback on your wonderful music which I have not stopped playing to the extent that the rest of my CD collection has been totally redundent!
> After only 10 seconds of playing SILENT LIGHT, the room became white light with vibrations rising from the floor upward creating a very noticeable sense of airiness and peace.
I laid down and was transported "off elsewhere" immediately and felt floaty and calm.
Changes in sound vibrations created subtle energy shifts in my mind and resonated through the body generating colours and visions, certainly not of this earth...

> I became aware that the music enabled subtler higher vibrational intelligence to connect and resonate with the subtler energies of my spiritual self and seemed to act as portkey or doorway for spirit healers to come thru and work.
Extraordinary !
Having experienced the visuals & the whole experience & its power, I realize how important your music is and how urgently
it must be promoted !

Mairead Armstrong. Psychic Healer, London, U.K.
In the beginning, I felt it was difficult to concentrate while listening to this music as I kept comparing it with other music.
Nevertheless, after listening to it for 15 minutes, I felt strongly attracted to the music and experienced a song of love was being played which I could not deceive, I felt the sounds were a mean of conveying this love which was coming from somebody, (I thought of Jacotte as a source).
After that, I kept experiencing the same stream of consciousness that is to say: peace, plenitude and harmony.

Up to now, I had been incapable of experiencing these feelings in such a focused way and without effort.
I had the feeling I was being "hooked" by the sounds of this music and all my previous thoughts and reflections were suspended.

It's the first time I have ever been able to sustain such effortless continuity in my stream of consciousness.

J.E. Graf, Boulogne, France.

As soon as the first tones, I was "taken away" like a feather...
On one side I was really wondering what was going to happen to me, & on the other I was curious to discover the unknown!
I experienced a lot of different vibrations across my body, giving me a massage from feet to head..
I could see coloured spots appearing & disapperaring, small at first , & growing bigger before transforming into the next one... An intense violet colour, so deep & beautiful!
> A few minutes after, I felt I was being lifted by an incredible power...
I was in a group of 8 people when listening to that music, & not only did I feel the huge power but I could clearly see the whole group of people being lifted at 2 or 3 meters above the ground !
Then everything started to turn & turn & it was so impressive that I opened my eyes in order to check if everything was still here on the physical plane!

Everything was ok! I felt very excited by the experience ...
After some time, 2 or 3 of the 8 "suspended bodies" became black & disappeared, then, the whole image disappeared & transformed into an intense violet sky, same color as what I had seen, at first, in the colored spots ...
This violet sky was hovering high above me, it did not look like a normal sky, it felt narrower, but it was so strikingly beautiful that I was amazed!
Then the dark figures reappeared in a circle above me, very high above, they looked like ghosts, except that we imagine that ghosts are of a whity color...
> The trip ended there, at the end of the track (SILENT LIGHT n° 3) , my body became heavier & heavier up to the point that I felt I was sinking into the ground...
The landing was equally striking than the taking off!...

Corinne. Paris, France.

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Experiences with CD SKY DANCING



After 2 very joyous and relaxing albums, the theme of "Discovery" and "spiritual devlopment" is rejoined in SKY DANCING.
I felt like I'd been to classes on personal power as creativity and on how to receive nurture and unconditional Love, and now was going to learn about responsibility: the ability to respond, to see the work before one which needs to be done and to engage it and transform it.
> This is one of the most difficult albums by Jacotte for me to describe because its quality is SO "sine qua non."

"Crystal Tone" is a 9 minute piece which begins this inner plane Flight with bell-like tones reverberating through some delayed echo and weaving around sinuous synth drones.../...
This shorter piece is a low-to-mid "alpha" introduction to the environment on this disc, which is sort of a culmination of the previous two and introduces a higher vibration which is articulated through the rest of the series

The 20 minute "Divine Saga" uses the harmonic interval of the 5th to great advantage, focusing on the relationships of navel to throat chakra and of solar plexus to third eye, I believe.

In the next piece, entitled, "Angel Choir," a noticeable spiral spin begins to occur in this Hovering process.
A remarkable emotional milieu begins to unfold, which I can only describe in paltry terms as the wonder of the beauty of otherworldly extradimensional phenomena, the sense of "strange beauty" as it is sometimes called...

The title track SKY DANCING is about 10 minutes of Ascent, where Divine Nectar is also descending from the higher realms Beyond the summit. After a few minutes, we alight upon the head of the pin, so to speak, and are surrounded by an incandescent, rarefied atmosphere, filled with geometric lattice lacings that are at once crystalline and electromagnetic. we are so Light we can float in the medium. It is dancing all around us. the sky is dancing. the heavenly vault within. Amazing.

The 12 minute, "Infinity," finds gliding down the endless mirrored Tunnel of Light, with the bright Gleaming of the pinnacle of Flight beaming from the end up ahead to us.
We are flying. flying into the Eternal Oneness beyond the neverending


Extract from review, read full REVIEW :


1- I have had diverse experiences with Multidimensional Music, but the most significant for me took place while listening to your CD SKY DANCING.

From the start my being is aware that I am in another dimension of consciousness: I am in another space, there is no light but curiously one can clearly see. All of a sudden I feel I am turned backwards & pushed upwards, my body is covered with a kind of skin of reddish & golden colour.
Then I realize that I am inside a sarcophagus & I feel somebody presence around, but I could not see that presence.
I do not feel frightened at all, I know that I am dead but at the same time my being is aware that it is alive.

I felt calm & relaxed; my attention was attracted upwards to the cover of the sarcophagus covering my whole body.

2- Shortly after my own experience with CD SKY DANCING, I journey with the same music with one of my patients without saying anything to him about my own experience, but strangely, he saw himself in old Egypt incarnated in the figure of the pharaoh Ramses.
He saw many different episodes of his own life as well as another person that was guiding him and instructing him; This very special teaching was bringing a lot of emotions to him as well as to me.
I could then understand the very deep link that is bringing us together as well as in which time it originated…

CARMEN. Transpersonal Therapist, Zaragoza, Spain, 2006.


At last, a music that cleans the human psyche & frees the ego, helping to connect humans with their soul so that they can
re source and become channels.
Your music causes a little revolution in the world of Musicotherapy and initiates a great step for humanity at a time when we are all confronted with the challenge to open up to the fourth dimension.
MMD music is a precious tool for accomplishing this new step.

While listening to SKY DANCING, I experienced intense cold and the feeling of being in outer space, no longer tied to the domain of gravity.
I saw myself flying & swirling like a bird, the music felt like it would never end, space had become infinite and time had become eternal.
Later on, I also experienced being the music itself, each one of my body cells dancing and being illuminated at the same time.
My body was totally etherised.
No doubt, this is the most beautiful experience I ever had with your music.

Thank you, I am grateful for the work that you have accomplished which helps humanity to enter into a higher dimension.

Frederic Rouge. France.


During the first audition of your CD SKY DANCING, a lot of images came to me, images from ancient Egypt, from North American natives among others, I suspect this stuff is emanating from inner memories from past lifes...
While listening to this CD, I really had the sensation of living at the same time in different dimensions.
After the session with the music, I experience more harmony, I feel more inspired & intuitive.

No doubt that your music acts at a cellular level, I feel tingling in all my body...
I can assure that listening regularly to this CD does not only bring harmony but I have to say that it is my own body that is calling for it!

Great thanks to you!

P. Tonnelier. Jouy le Moutiers.

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Experiences with CD HIGH SPACES



The three compositions on this release are "Spheres" or vibratory fields of living information.
What I CAN tell you is that this disc is loaded with spiritual information on a very high level which is about, basically, how everything changes but Change itself, and none of us are exempt from inevitable transfigurations of our own being

The first "Sphere of Love" is 20 minutes of intense synthesis which is loving, but not in the safe happy angelic way one thinks of heavenly love. This is deeply transformative vibrational biofeed of spiritual essence.
Around half way through, my spine suddenly arched and my lumbar and lower thoracic vertebrae all crunched into a new alignment. Only rarely have I ever experienced such a full scale vertebral realignment and NEVER while neither being worked on by a therapist nor actively stretching or exercising.
During the last 5 minutes of this piece, it felt like smart cards of neuroinformation were being inserted into my vertebrae. All I can say is that these affects appeared to happen all on their own, there was no conscious decision: it was almost like someone had "cracked" my back for me.

The second piece, "Sphere of Origins" is 13 minutes seemed to draw me down and further inside my energy to a place where bioenergy seemed to appear ex nihilo (out of nothing.) I then noticed that I was somewhere inside my cranium. I was aware of the tension in my skull and it was being "frothed" away by some arcane process whispering in my ear.

The last piece, "Sphere Of Evolution," is 26 spectacular minutes of exotic divine synthesis on par with David Parsons' most sublime Tibetan astral travels.
I don't think I can describe this piece adequately. Lots of incandescent gas in a realm completely off the human scale with gigantic structures that seem to instigate fundamental transfigurations.../... It is like there is an avalanche of information that my conscious mind can't grasp, it wants to get out of the way and let the unconscious processes integrate it.../...
My current theory is that this album is dedicated to the titanic forces of Transformation.


Extract from review, read full REVIEW :


Jacotte, here is what happened to me when I listened to your music last month:
Usually, when I have my period I feel a lot of pain the first two days, and it was one day when I felt really bad, like if I couldn´t do anything...

Sometime when this happens, I take tablets but they generally don´t help that much and I don´t want to take strong medicines. So, I went to lie down and I listened to your music and felt asleep.

While I was asleep I felt that I was hearing the music too ! And then, in my dreams I saw that the music was creating a very warm ball of light in front of my belly and that this ball of light was spinning was growing bigger and bigger... Then the ball of light exploded and I felt all the warmth coming out of it into my belly. It was like I had absorbed it and the ball started started again to grow bigger and bigger like it did in the begining, first like a little point in front of my belly and growing and spinning again and exploding again and starting again, and so on a few times.

This ball of light was being created by your music while I was listening to your CD High Spaces. It was a wonderful sensation, when I woke up I was feeling wonderful, all the pain had vanished and it never came back!!!
You know, it was very strange because I wasn´t thinking about that and it happended while I was sound sleep, so it was really weird !

A.COLL. Gothemburg, Sweeden, December 2006.


When my first session with HIGH SPACES ended, my whole body was in pain as if a truck had run over me & as soon as this thought crossed my mind, I had the vision of a horse drawn carriage with a man wearing a top hat pulling his head out of the door & peering at something on the road :
He had just run over me and my arm was broken in several spots…
It was like I was re living this scene ( that I had no conscious memory of), but what was even more incredible was the actual unbearable pain that I felt in my arm !
This pain was so unbearable that It made me scream as I was actually feeling the fractures in my arm & that I wanted to stop the music, but I was totally unable to move & It appeared to me that the only way to cure my arm was to keep on listening until the pain would disappear…
And the pain finally disappeared after I had listened 3 times non-stop your CD HIGH SPACES !

Then a thought came to my mind : I realized that on a subtler dimension, my arm had remained in this poor condition since this accident…
In fact, since I was born, I had no strength in this arm & something about itfelt not « normal » & I would usually shake it as if something remained clutched to it...
It came back to my mind that a few years ago my arm had already given me some trouble : for a period, I could no longer hold anything or sustain any object with it …
Another intriguing factor : I used to have the phobia that I might break my arm (as if I already knew what terrible pain a broken arm gives you) and I also had the phobia of hearing the sound of horses’ footstep on paving stones or on roads as if I was fearing that they might slip on the ground (which is perhaps exactly what had happened to me in a previous lifetime ?)
Anyway, after three sessions of listening non-stop, I felt my hand was denser, more energetic, more fluid. From now on, I can feel my arm muscles and I can use my arm to carry heavy objects.
As I had absolutely no idea why my arm appeared to be so weak, I am even more surprised by this experience that happened to me in resonance with your music, as I am now aware of the fact that what happened to me was a karmic healing.

> Here are a few words that your music evokes to me : this music is elastic, it captures me, I stick to it, I love it, I let go, it carries me, I take off…
But in fact, no words are able to give account of the true effects of your music.
I thank you infinitely !

Agnès, France, Nov 2005.

CD HIGH SPACES: an experience of virtual parasailing!

> HIGH SPACES feels similar to parasailing, you know you are moving, but it feels that you are remaining stil,
like parasailig off a cliff into the clouds and sky infinite sounding yuo with fingers of electric white light moving in and out of your eyes,
you move to deep meditative states of dark purple and blue with electric white light circling inside you, in every cell of your being,
You are clouds air light.
When you finish you are lighter, flowing, graceful in the world,
everything is soft, gauzy and breathing as if on an LSD trip, and an ancestor mask stare into your eyes with love,
light and airy, everything is deep sweet, and perfect just the way it is,
and you see with new eyes the beauty of forms of your own form,

A slight, genius of a Platonic feat by Jacotte.

Melinda Guttman. New York city, USA, March 2005.

Very quickly I am aspired out of my body while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES & I have the feeling
of going beyond the limits of our solar system...

I can watch a supernatural light & I feel the presence of beings of light coming from another galaxy, they are surrounding me.
I ask them to help me as I am (in my actual life) in the process of working out & evacuating informations that I have inherited from my family background & that I want to get rid of.

At the same moment I can see inside me a 3D spiral of DNA with a remarkable luminosity that is emerged into a cosmos that I feel linked with me & open onto the infinite at the same time.
These beings of light transmit to the DNA double spiral a specific & unknown to me green light mixed with a violet color of a supernatural luminescence.
The color gradually impregnates the DNA spiral , cleans it out, purifies it, energize it activates the codons which are dormant as well as clearing the psychic stuff that is encoded into my DNA.

At this stage, it is difficult to put words on the sensations I am experiencing...
Then, I express deep gratitude to these luminous beings & with regret sthe experience ends when the track ends!

Patricia Menetrey. Paris, France.
While listening to your CD HIGH SPACES, I felt I was elevated by a white light straight into a high space very high above the earth. It was like a tower, I first entered a little room that had a few persons in it & then I penetrated into a wider room.
It was full of rose, blue & white colors mixed together.

I did not see any stairs, there were only ramps. (I don't know why I remember this specfic information about lack of staircase, but I do!)
It all looked like a big cilender and everybody present there was linked together, dedicated to love and to spreading that love everywhere, and I know this is a place where everybody can go sometimes.
> Then I entered into a room where there was an entity wearing some kind of brown or marron clothes;
he was alone in the big room and he was absorbed in his work, he was in an elevated state & he could see everybody underneath him.
It was like if "he was a watchtower taking care of everybody", but there were more like him at this level.
He made me see the link between everybody, in our level & in the under levels, we could see everybody & everybody could see us.

After that, I left that tower & I wanted very much to go further, up & up, & then I went up, & I elevated even more until I was in the middle of the universe into some kind of emptiness with nobody around, only me & the universe & I felt a breath taking peace!
After that I went down onto the earth.
This was my first trip with music n° 1 of your CD.

Joao da Fonseca. clinical psychologist, Portugal. 
Dear Madame Chollet, Thank you for your wonderful music. I received your CD last month and my meditations have been amazing!
As a writer, I truly appreciate other realms of understanding that your music brings to us all.
This is my latest insight:

There is
a timeless reality
where this
is but one dimension
as eternal beings
between the veils
from one dimension
to another
are protected
are guided
are loved
Seek clarity

Again, thank you for such depth - I truly cannot thank you enough.

Roxanne Sumners author, The Wave of Light, A Quantum Near-Death Experience.
I could see a vivid vortex swirling round & round like a tunnel (one might imagine) or like the centre of the earth.
It was pulsating inside rather like internal organs & flesh & then it changed so that I was skimming the surface of what looked like skin, but magnified thousands of times, so that one could see the follicles & hair & texture...
> At one point, I even lost consciouness & nearly jumped out of my skin...
When I regained it, I had a tremendous sensation of pins & needles from my neck up to my face throughout the entire duration of the music, & at one point, I felt compelled to touch my face to see if it had altered at cellular level!

Corinna SLATER, Journalist, LONDON, U K.

These are some notes I have been taking while listening to your CD HIGH SPACES 

I am overwhelmed by a feeling of joy, I can watch mountains made out of amethyst and my brain is filled with crystal like sonorities that make my whole body feel very light.

I feel I am in a space unusual to me, and then I realise I am being attended by "celestial doctors" who perform an operation on me, I feel deep gratitude for them...

Then, I experience a deep feeling of happiness, I experience, at the same time, my real strength and my true inner subtleness.
Thanks a thousand time for your music dear Jacotte.

Evelyne POITEVIN. Psychotherapist, Paris, France.

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Experiences with CD INSPIRATION ( 2CD)

CD inspiration (cd1) : INSPIRATION


just-released double disc delight !
Once one grasps the vibe of what is happening you are simply drawn back to it again & again. not addictively, as one might guess, but like bees to nectar. you feel nourished by something intrinsically healthy.
"Inspiration," is nontemporal in the sense that it is great for mornings, high noon, afternoon, evening and late night. It really is timeless compared to much music of this nature.
secondly, while seeming to be relatively simple in its construction, the more you listen the more there is to listen to.
remarkable ! And while it is titled "Inspiration," I almost think the title, "Mastery," would be appropriate.

The opening piece, "BALLADE SPHERIQUE" is a curious four minutes of classically-based synthwinds which are "twiddling" in such a way as to create a quixotic or quizzical (?) mood, which is searching yet playful.

The nine & half minute "GOLDEN LIGHT" is a beautiful heavenly environment…/… A sonic spiral seeming to glide effortlessly through a tunnel of Light towards the outer climes of Infinity.
There is golden Light here, along with a deep royal purple infused Light.

The title song "INSPIRATION" is immediately more oceanic, but the substance we are floating in is slippery like mercury…/… We are really in liquid mercury, the curls of which are filamented with the Light Divine, bathing in an occult intelligence. Glimmers of nascent ideas dart about...

"GRATITUDE" is a fourteen & half minute journey down into the inner recesses of the Unconscious.
Like a transuniversal womb continually birthing new children, it is continually opening to greater depths which are ultimate heights at the same time.
We discover our own nativity in this Vastness deeper than space which is simultaneously within us and coursing through us. It becomes clear that WE are the nascent ideas, the stars of forever, and there is a feeling of knowing we are Home and always welcome.

The epic final piece, "SOMA" immediately conveys a devotional temperament.
A sky full of newborn stars winking into existence like one lightbulb after another popping on above our heads. A gentle love swirls throughout, caressing our soul and reminding us of the continuous support and aid which is each of our birthright and freely given to us from each moment to the next as we journey through these lifetimes of co-creativity and struggle to achieve the dream of love without end in this realm o beginnings and endings.
There is a feeling of having come full circle, of reaching the mountain top and finding ourself already there. It is triumph, homecoming and release all at once!


Extract from review, read full REVIEW :


CD inspiration : (cd2) ASCENSION

From the titles of the compositions to the mood of the pieces themselves, we are drawn into a mysterious realm where there is cleansing and transformation occuring continuously at radically minute levels.
This is about bringing Shadow to the Light of awareness, infusing Light into Shadow, transmuting Shadow to Light.
Rather than a final victory, we are exposed to an on-going ultimate process of transmutation and metamorphosis.

The eight minute, "VORTEX" begins with what seemed like the nesting behavior of some gargantuan primordial avian, perhaps the sunbird. This splicing together of the threads of the nest becomes the whorl of the golden section spiral, a toroidal whirlpool that enlarges to a darkening galaxy-sized object within which we are being drawn down and forward by means more tidal than suctional. This is a very pleasant gliding down and in, which ends in a moment of arrival and focus, before we finds ourselves suspended in a sea of stars.

"PLASMA" is a 15-minute sonic silly putty. The starry firmament begins to expand in an elastic way in which everything is moving away from everything else. There is again this feeling of being "stretched out," as if prone on the surface of a balloon which is being blown up.
I would call this medium liquid starlight except elasticity is much more emphasized than laminar flow. I usually think of the plasma in outer space as being incandescent fluid electro-magnetism, like liquid lava only completely energy. For the first time, I am wondering if this might be some stellar substance analogous to our blood plasma. There is Light here, but it is more like finely granulated fluid jewels rather than glowing hot molecular gas clouds. There is a sense of one's bodily mass being replotted and slightly expanded to better match up with the corresponding holon template coordinates.
A peaceful, immense ocean of slowly undulating liquid light. Things become even darker and more Void-like

In the nine and a half minute,"ETHER." We are first taken deeper down into starless space with possibly some molecular clouds in the distance. There is much less Light here. We seem to have passed inside of a membrane to a more secluded area. We are moving forward to an area where there is activity. This activity is coded at the third eye and the crown chakra, so it is hard for me to describe it.
These are shadowy movements occuring across a vast area, but whatever is producing the movements can only be seen in fragments. What can be seen is movement that is familiar to all different forms of animal -- insectoid, amphibian, reptilian, mammalian, avian and so forth -- yet one cannot piece them together into coherent bodies. It is more like they are embodied processes. This area is quite dark and only outlines can be made out. I'm thinking we're in the Unconscious looking at processes being worked out. Suddenly, there is a cohesive movement and it seems the entire scene is coalesced into a single large crystal tone resonating in the Heart.

The 16 minute title song, "ASCENSION" then follows. In the previous music descriptions, I have not mentioned the presiding emotional characteristics of my listening experiences with this album, of which this song is the exemplar: feelings of Mystery & Unknowing, joined with Discovery & Awe and some - a little bit - of Trepidation at moving through spaces so clearly off of the human scale.
This piece is revelatory. Now what was occluded is revealed. In this wise, it could be an audience with the Divine, or a return to awareness of repressed Shadow material (I got a healthy jolt of the latter.) I kid you not. Like a sonic "purge" button, that blows out the ballast, this song rather describes an Unveiling process in which even the Veil is of a purpose.

"COSMIC POWER" the 12 minute concluding piece, is the gentle infusion of the Light of the occluded One.
This is done in a subtle, understated way in which Light is slowly influxed into one's energy-body (reminding me of the indirect golden light of the temples of magian traditions.)
The emphasis is clearly on the miraculous healing power of the One Light, in contrast to the typical "ecstasy of brilliance" one encounters in Ascension musics, where one attains the pinnacle of the spiritual mount or summit, dazzled and ravished by the intensity of pure divine Light. Instead, this is a teaching on ALLOWING Light to influx gently into one's personal form, to fill the vessel with a radiance commensurate with the vessel's current adaptation abilities to comfortably manage the Light.


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CD Reconciliation -Jacotte Cholet Experiences with CD RECONCILIATION


"Reconciliation" has the soft mellifluousness of her earlier work, "Silent Light," -- one of my favorite discs to have on as i sleep -- and expands on the themes of spiritual developEment.

This is her most meditative disc to date, consisting of 5 relatively long works which maintain a constant emotionally soft, meditative environment while each performs energy realignments specific to its vibrational shape.
Jacotte's mastery of the medium is evident in one's continuous sensual, emotional and intellectual pleasure of being effected by these mysterious sounds.
Lightworkers and those who love angelic music will greatly appreciate this album. People who enjoy the previously mentioned artists should too! Those looking for a pleasurable meditative soundscape which also encourages mental attitude softening and healing of the emotional body should also definitely check this out!


Extract from review, read full REVIEW :

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A very special hi to you !
I received your CD’s last week and I have been working with them immediately.
It took me only a few days to journey with each one of them.
I feel an immense respect, a profound love and a deep identification with them.
I am a REIKI practitioner, I practise meditation and other alternativ therapies.
I do understand each stimulation, each vibration, each sensation, each visualization, each reaction that I experience with MMD Music.
I feel a deep admiration for you.
Thank you for the gift you have offered to all those who use MMD Music !


My experience with multidimensional Music has been very deep & profound.
While listening to Jacotte's music, I envisioned a beautiful crystalline structure being birthed with brilliant translucent colors.
It brought me to a most peaceful place within.
I only later came to realize that this beautiful crystalline structure was "me", my innermost pure self.

> Another experience I had was the feeling of all my cells & molecules shifting into balance.
I also felt a very strong connection to dolphins & to the star cluster of the Pleiades...
I am very grateful to Jacotte for her incredibly inspiring music!
you are a blessing & a joy...
I highly recommend Multidimensional Music for helping return to our true selves.

Maryanne Savino. Massage therapy, San Francisco, California.

I want to thank you again for your marvelous gift of music, which is holistic, and ever expanding in its dimensions. You are a joy and a marvelous SPARK of creativity and goodness to this planet and to all creatures, large and small. I hope you will return next year to Albuquerque and share your latest creations with us.

B. M. C.
Counseling in Spiritualityn, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


In its essence, your music is penetrating through all kinds of vibrations.
When the frequencies you emit with your music are already opened in the listener, he has a pleasant experience, if his personal frequencies are closed, the sonic vibrations penetrate anyway challenging resonance into the listener.

If the listener, then, shows an open attitude, he can be energetically transformed by the music, but if he is unwilling to open to the new vibration he feels irritation while trying to resist the vibration.
Your music bears the signature of the universe with its multitude of tones; it develops the essence of our own multiple voices.
As far as we can ascend with the treble sounds, we are, at the same time, maintained in our roots.
At the very place where we have accumulated knots, they are being dissolved and eradicated by percussive soundss or stretched up by "glissando" sounds into the trebles before being stretched again into the matrix by base sounds.

> Your music is an invitation to fundamental dance in our body. It sets the body to sing.
In each musical piece, there is a well balanced sonic background destined to sustain the listener in his journey and variations more or less powerful according to their sonic form or their intensity, destined to open energetic structures which have been kept dormant, immobile or knotty, and to set into resonance those which are already in motion...

How satisfying to perceive a total coherence in the effects of your music !
This shows that this music does not come from the astral domain but from light itself...

G.Lefevre. therapiste, France.


I remember at one point opening my hands because I could feel energy in my palms .
As I did this, I realized I was listening with my hands. My hands became like ears that took in the music in a different way.
Rather than hearing, my hands listened to the vibrations of the music.
I remember laying there and feeling the most incredible sense of oneness.

> I wasn't lying on the ground; I was the ground.
I wasn't listening to the music; I was the music
I wasn't looking at the forest; I was the forest.
I experienced all of these things simultaneously.
There was no separation.
I was all things, and they were me.
This was bliss.

Amrita Cottrel. president Healing Music Org of California, USA.


I found some similarities in the music of your CDs and the singing bowls. I feel like I could listen to the music forever, it is what I have been wanting to hear. I have by now listened to all of the CD's.
> The one that had the strongest impact on me was the begining of l'AMOUR ROI in CD double UNITE.
I felt a lot of energy in the lower chakras and an upspurge of emotion that made me laugh and cry at the same time.
It was intense and very much of a realease. I felt it was a release of fear about love in my life.
> When I listened to SKY DANCING, I was in my studio and the music was matching a painting of mine that is on the wall.
"The music made me understand the painting better", another thing, it has helped me place my art...
Now, I think my paintings are actually: multidimensional art!
I have been playing the CD's all day, one after the next while I was in my studio working. It seems to give me a very strong focus, I can work and be more direct, my thinking is not going back and forthe, but is more specific.
> Of course I tried a CD along with my yoga practice, which includes breathing exercises, I used RENAISSANCE .
It was perfect! It helped me to be more centered in my exercises and as a result I stayed with them a lot longer!

Carol Gillabel-Herzer (painter). Woodstock. USA.


It is almost impossible to describe all the effects I experienced with your music.
They are multiple and varied, going from tingling in the hands and feet to the sensing a warm and cold fluid ascending along my spine.
> The most impressive sensation was once to experience my left wrist squeezed, like if it was inside a metallic bracelet,
this sensation lasted for several minutes.

J. V Z. Saint Mandé. Paris, France

hello dear Jacotte!
> You deserve to be more well known, all people don't really understand why your music is healing...
You should explain it even better even if it is quite well explained already.
When we are brought back to that state of INNER UNITY, when we are really ourself we are healed, and your music transports us towards our own source.
Although it is impressive to watch the transformation of human blood cells, nothing surpasses the feeling of well being when heart/soul and mind are unified, nothing surpasses this deep feeling of inner harmony that we experience into our body when we listen to your music.

To "heal" is, more than anything else, to get back in touch with our inner source, our BEING ...
When we forget about it, we become sick and our illness tells how we have been forgetful of who we really are and how we have been away from ourself.

> Your music is sacred, it acts as a magical thread of life that helps people to awaken out of their world of illusions and to reconnect with their true nature, their true SELF!
you are an angel of sound, keep enlightening others...

Eric ALBANESE. Austalia.
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