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Jacotte Chollet Biography

Jacotte Chollet : Biography
Jacotte CHOLLET was born in a village of Massif Central (France).
In GRENOBLE University, she completes her curriculum in English and Linguistics ( Master of Arts).
She, then, becomes a REPORTING PHOTOGRAPHER, and a film-director assistant at Swiss National Television in Geneva.

Jacotte CHOLLET becomes André VOISIN Assistant, at the French National Television. During that time, she collaborates with him on the serie:"Les Conteurs". In this series 2 films with KRISHNAMURTI are produced (1972).

In company of André VOISIN she produces "CARREFOUR DU MONDE" (Crossroads of the World),
a collection of 4 documentary films of 60' each, on New York (1 and 2), BEIRUT and JERUSALEM.

1973-1975: Still with A.VOISIN, she produces a 12 documentary films collection, of 60' each, called "EVASION"

for French Television.

Then, they produce 3 documentaries of 60' each on the Winter Solstice, called "LES CONTES DU SOLSTICE".

1977: Jacotte CHOLLET becomes Television Film Director and exhibits her photographs at "LA GALERIE", PARIS.

She also co-produces and co-directs 5 Documentaries (60' each) , on mutations (radical changes) in French Society.
The fruit of this effort is called "LES CONTES A VIVRE DEBOUT".

After seven years of intense travelling to the heart of civilisations around the world, Jacotte CHOLLET realises that what's most needed is a synthetic vision of life and people.
Beyond the diversity of uses, languages, skin colour and civilisations, universal factors unite "Mankind".

This is a new series "LA ROUE DE LA VIE", (The wheel of life).

1978-1980: 8 documentaries, (60' each), for TF1.



* THE LONG MEMORY (the after-death according to the BARDO THODOL, the Tibetan Book of the Dead).

In 1980:  Following Jacotte mother sudden death Jacotte and Andre undertake a new fresco aiming at grasping a deeper knowledge of Mankind. It is a new series:"CHASSE A L'HOMME" (In Search of Man).

1980-1982: "IN SEARCH OIF MAN", 8 documentaries of 60’ each, for French national Television TF1 :
*CREATEURS EN LIBERTE" (Free creators),

2 films about " creativity & creation"

with the participation of: Fritjof CAPRA (Physicist at BERKELEY University, author of "The TAO OF PHYSICS", Stan GROF (Psychiatrist at ESALEN Institute, California), Leonor FINI (painter) and Karl H. STOCKHAUSEN (musician), .Philippe LAVASTINE (philosopher),Andy NATONABAH (NAVAJO medicine man), Motoisa YAMAKAGE (Shinto), creation according to the Japanese Shinto tradition.

2 films on "language & communication"

with Charles TART (Psychologist, University of DAVIES), Professor HASHIMOTO (Chairman of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine): Hypnosis and the role of stress in the genesis of diseases. Lou HERMAN (University of HAWAI): a study of language and communication amongst dolphins, J.J PETER (Natural History Museum, Paris): our ancestors the Lemurians, B. and A. GARDNER (University of NEVADA): learning of sign language amongst big apes, Ph. LIEBERMAN (BROWN University): apparition of language in Prehistoric Man, and its consequences on the evolution of mankind.
*LES CINQS SENS (the five senses),
*LA NOUVELLE AVENTURE DU CERVEAU (the new adventure of the human brain).

2 films describing "PERCEPTION".

With Karl PRIBRAM (Neurological Surgeon, Research Director at STANFORD University): "the holographic functioning of memory", David BOHM (Quantum Physicist at Birkbeck College LONDON University): Quantum Physics and consciousness : "Implicate and Explicate order", Mac LEOD: study of the olfactive sense, (smell) C. WYSOCKI: study of taste, at the Monell Institute, Stephen LABERGE (University of STANFORD): study of cerebral waves during paradoxical sleep, and dreams. Master Kishomaru Ueshiba ( Creator of Aïkido): Aïkido as a mental technique.
*L’Agressivité (Aggressive pulse ),
*LA PART D’ABSOLU ("Reaching beyond one’s own limits"),

2 films deal with the "AGGRESSIVE pulse" and "going beyond one's own limites".

With Professors Konrad LORENTZ (Nobel Prize for Ethology): Aggressive pulse in Behaviour, Ch. GARFIELD (Psychologist, Medical School of San-Francisco, and coach of the first astronauts on the Moon): "Fear of success", unconscious motivation of failure, and fear of the unknown, Master SUNSHO UTSUMI (HIEISAN monastery, JAPAN): traditional techniques of "mental concentration", Carlo FASSI (Coach of the best ice-skating champions in the USA): the role of personality and mental training in "champion making", Maurice HOUVION and J. Cl. PERRIN (Coaches at the French National Sports Academy in PARIS): the role of "mental energy in peak performance ".

1982-1984: Jacotte CHOLLET produces and directs, with Andre VOISIN, 4 films of (60') for TF1 called:
"LA PASSION DE LA VIE" (passion for life).

This film collection is dedicated to the exploration of the human psyche in company of Arthur JANOV "PRIMAL SCREAM", the films depict unconscious motivations and repressed feelings hampering real passion for life, it shows how birth suffering imprint as well neurotic behaviours...

* LA PASSION PRISONIERE (emprisoned passion)
* DE SOUFFRANCE EN CONSCIENCE (from suffering to Awareness)
* RENAITRE (to be born again),
*LA PASSION RETROUVEE (regained passion).

With Dr. F. LEBOYER (Obstetrician), author of "the rite of birth", Dr. Michel ODENT (Obstetrician): Imprint of birth conditions and of first instants on the psyche, Norman COUSINS (Research Director at U.C.L.A):the role of negative and positive emotions in the genesis and healing of disease, Dr. William FREY (MINNESOTA): role and content of tears, Prof Jean CHARRON (Quantum Physicist, ORSAY, France): consciousness, mind and quantum physics, Dr. CATCHLOVE (Treatment of chronic pain, MONTREAL),
role of unconscious feelings and emotions in chronic pain, Ronald MELZACK (University of montreal) influence of psychological factors in perception of pain, Pr. LIEBESKIND (Psycho-physiologist at U.C.L.A): "MIND-BODY Consciousness", Pr. Paul D. MACLEAN (N.I.M.H, WASHINGTON, D.C ): "the triune brain" evolution of the human brain through ages;and Marilyn FERGUSON (author): "The Aquarian Conspiracy" and "The Brain Revolution ".

After meeting these researchers and summarising their findings , Jacotte CHOLLET questions the role of the human psyche, "consciousness ", emotions & the Body / Mind connection.

Up until that moment she was mainly focused on the sense of Vision, she now realizes that another sense "HEARING" triggered by the VIBRATION OF SOUND WAVES activates a more global mode of brain functioning.

Therefore, she directs towards a new experimental path the study of the VIBRATORY EFFECTS OF SOUND on the human psyche.

1984 : Using "sound synthesizers" new instruments allowing an unlimited exploration of sound frequencies, she obeys an inner voice urging her to explore the action of sound vibrations induced out of "expanded" states of consciousness with psyche and soma .
She creates a spontaneous music composed out of a state of expanded awareness .

1991: Andre VOISIN, her long time companion and husband dies.

She produces her
1st CD of Multidimensional music : " INVISIBLE PRESENCE" and creates her own Producing company : MMD Productions.

1992: She then co creates with a biological researcher L Ries, the "Institute for Development and Expansion of Consciousness" which organises workshops based on "resonance" with "Multidimensional music" and collects data from "experiencers" .
A series of biological analysis show the deep influence of MMD music not only on consciousness states but also on physiological correlates.

Research shows that MMD music increases the amount of oxygenation in the blood, stimulates the immune system, acts as an "orderly" or "negentropic" provider at the same time it allows connection with the deepest layers of the psyche and causes resurgence of unconscious repressed stuff …

A book called "SUPERLUMINAL Medicine" is published by Professor Regis DUTHEIL, a Quantum Physicist teaching physics at the POITIERS Faculty of Medicine and Vice President of the Louis de BROGLIE Foundation.
Chapter VIII of his book sets the basis of real Holistic view of medicine for the XXIst century, it is dedicated to Jacotte CHOLLET's research.
That same year Jacotte starts a series of conferences and workshops on "Multidimensional music : its effects on psyche and soma" in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

1994:  a second album is released by MMD Productions: "RENAISSANCE".

Press articles are published in:

* "La Vie Naturelle"
* "Thérapeutiques Naturelles"
* "Quel Avenir magazine"
* "Femina" a Swiss magazine

In parallel with her research on sound and music, Jacotte CHOLLET starts exploring the world of vibrations in oil painting .
Her paintings created in the same way as her music act as psychic resonators and trigger perception of subconscious imaging

1996 : a new double album is released : "UNITE" ( 2CDs of 60'): L'AMOUR ROI & MYSTERE DE LA VIE.
Painting exhibition in CHAUVIGNY castle (Vienne).

A new Press article is published in the magazine "SE SOIGNER AUTREMENT".

1997: Jacotte CHOLLET is invited to play her music live in Keops (KHUFU) Pyramid in Ghyza .

New measurements on the effects of MMD music on brainwaves are made in Germany at the "Institut fur Kommunikation und Gehirnforshung" in STUTTGART, under the direction of Professor Gunter HAFFELDER.

A new CD of MMD music:INITIATION is created by Jacotte CHOLLET and produced by the German Institute.

Several workshops of "Consciousness expansion" triggered by MMD Music are given in BOSTON and in CALIFORNIA .

A first article about Multidimensional music is released by AHP : ASSOCIATION OF HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY in San Francisco . (Oct/Nov 1998)

1999 : In January, a review on the 3 CDs INVISIBLE PRESENCE, RENAISSANCE and UNITE is published in the same magazine.

Feb 25/ 28th . Workshop on the effects of MMD music at the 1999 INTERNATIONAL SOMATIC CONGRESS: BODY WISDOM in Arrowhead springs, SAN BERNARDINO . California .

April 9/14th . "Consciousness expanding workshop" at the International conference on SCIENCE and CONSCIOUSNESS in ALBUQUERQUE (New Mexico), this conference presents the top researchers in the field of consciousness research.

September 17th. Presentation " Genesis of Multidimensional music and its effects" sponsored by the Institute for frontier Science (Beverly RUBIK) in San Francisco.

September 22nd. Presentation at the Institute of Holistic Health in San Francisco State University .

October 1st and 2nd. Presentation "The psycho physiological effects of Multidimensional music" at the ANNUAL CONFERENCE of THE PAVLOVIAN SOCIETY in Tarrytown (NY).

2000: April 28th /May 4th Presentation and workshop at the 2nd SCIENCE and CONSCIOUSNESS international conference in ALBUQUERQUE (New Mexico).

Three new CDs are created : "CREATION"," SILENT LIGHT", "SKY DANCING".

The collection now comprises 7 CDs, it is called "Listening to the SELF, restoring our wholeness , it is a holistic "harmonic resonance THERAPY " program for self education, self harmonisation, self healing, self creation …

September 2nd/4th, Presentation at "17th conference on the study of Shamanism and alternate modes of healing" in San Rafael, Ca. USA .

September 19th, Presentation : "Multidimensional Music a powerful transformational tool" at the Society for Psychic Studies. BERKELEY . California.

September 22nd, Presentation at the Center for Integrative Medicine in San Jose. Sponsored by the Foundation for Mind Being . "Healing inner fragmentation with Multidimensional music".

September 23rd, Workshop at Henry Dakins house in San Francisco sponsored by the "Universal Dialogue".

March 7th, Presentation at the Divine Science Community Center San Jose, CA / Sponsored by SHIFT..

March 8 th,  Presentation at the REDWOOD CITY Women's Club, Redwood City , CA Sponsored by SHIFT.

March 9 th, Presentation at Fort MASON ARTS CENTER SAN FRANCISCO, CA Sponsored by SHIFT.

March 11th, Workshop at the REDWOOD CITY Women's Club, Redwood City, California.

June 17th,  Workshop in Boulder Creek sponsored by the Healing Music Organization & the Center for Harmonic Living.

July 3rd, Presentation at the International L.I.G.H.T conference in Queen's College. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY (UK).

October, Presentation & workshop at ITP "Institute of Transpersonal psycology" in PALO ALTO. California.

October, Presentation at CIIS "California Institute of Integral Studies" in San francisco. California.

Oct, Nov:  Workshop at the first International Conference on Altered sates of Consciousness in ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico.

2002 :
March 1/2nd/3rd: Presentation at the ISS : International Sound Symposium in SAN JOSE, California.

March: Workshop sponsored by John Fitzerald Kennedy University (Laboratory of Consciousness research) in SAN FRANCISCO. California.

May : Workshop & presentation at international Congress of European Association of Transpersonal Psychology (EUROTAS) in LISBON, Portugal.

June: Workshops at East WINDHAM. NY state.

In the year 2002, Jacotte travels extensively in theAmazon region, she reconnects with her passion for filming and studies the Amazon basin as a model for future development and integration of spirituality, "Metissage", intercommuncation, immense knowing and ageless practise of balance, harmony and exchange with the environment.

Jacotte aims at co-creating a new type of permanent exchange and cooperation between the Amazon, Europe and north America.
She is preparing new seminars of accelerated inner transformation in the Amazon.

In November 2002 she creates her 8th CD: HIGH SPACES especially designed for development of DNA latent potential.

In 2003 new research is conducted in Moscow, Russia about effects of MMD music on brainwaves.
It is demontrated that MMD music activates
ALPHA, THETA brainwaves as well as hemisphere synchronization.

January 2003: Workshop & Presentation at "Transpersonal Psychology Institute" directed by Vladimir Maïkov in MOSCOW, Russia.

February 2003: Filming adventure in COLOMBIA, with Amerindians .... & video shooting with Shuar Shaman Hilario CHIRIAP in EQUADOR, new projects aim at reconnecting different traditions & approaches to consciousness expansion, inner transformation & healing.

October 2003 : Presentation & workshop at : "ECOLOGY of CONSCIOUSNESS" annual International Congress of Transpersonal Psychology association of PORTUGAL: ALUBRAT in LISBON.

October 2003: Opening of CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION CYCLE  of workshops in Paris. France.
one week end Every month is dedicated to study of consciousness, creativity, healing, consciousness expansion...

Follow up of monthly workshops & lectures of

June 18th-22nd: Workshop & presentation in Copenhaguen, Denmark, at international annuam conference of the "Association for the study of dreams" (ASD).

August 17th-20th : Workshop & at "CITIZEN in an interrelated world" international conference of EUROTAS (European association of transpersonal psychology" in LONDON. UK.

SEPT 12th : Presentation during "RENTREZ ZEN" a platform dedicated to presenting new venues in personal development.

FOLLOW up of   CYCLE OF CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION  in Paris (monthly week end workshop).

More on Jacotte Chollet
SEE video : interview at " salon zen" trade show in paris

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