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Effects of Multidimensional Music on Chakras

Measures have been made in Bio RESONANCE Institute "IMEDIS" of Dr Sergei KAZAKOV, in Moscow,(Russia) with a special instrument using electrodes to detect the level of energy in each chakra.

Dr Kazakov has been using this technique for years in order to objectivate deficiency of energy in different chakra and also to determine which medecine is appropriate to compensate this energy deficiency. This instrument can as well measure correct glandular activity.

We have to understand that energy is basic to our human body & when there is deficient chakra activity, it ensues that body organs become distorted in appropriate functioning.

Points where energy can be measured have long been detected by Chinese Energy medicine, but with the help of modern technology we can now precisely measure the amount of energy in each chakra.

A correct value of 50 to 60 hertz has been recognized as "the norm".

To re establish a correct level of energy in our chakras results in providing our bio energy field with correct values of energy and consequently allowing our physical body with appropriate energy, this is what MMD music provides.

MMD music is a real tool of health management.

Image 1

On the blue screen in the middle, we see (in green frame) where are the energy points corresponding to the different chakras.

on top of median finger is the specific point of energy measurement corresponding to coronal chakra.

Close to the wrist is the energy point corresponding to base chakra. In between them are points corresponding to the other chakras.

on the left of blue screen we see (in orange frame) the line showing the first measurement BEFORE listening to the music.

A different measure is made on each chakra point
before listening & after 3 minutes of listening to MMD music.

Image 2
 After 3 minutes of listening to MMD Music, energy is measured in" coronal" chakra of the testee with the electrode. (middle image)

In pink frame we see that energy of the testee has considerably been enhanced by 3 minutes of listening to MMD music.

For proper functioning, chakra energy must be measured between 50 & 60 Hertz. But as soon as we are stressed, our energy levels decrease.

- Conclusion :

only 3 minutes of listening to MMD music are required to increase the testee's level of energy and bring it back to normal.


Image 3

In this case, the level of energy of the testee was too high before listening to the music, the concerned chakra was burning too much energy.
(see line in orange frame on right of screen)

After 3 minutes of listening to MMD music, the too high level of energy in the controled chakra has decreased & is back to normal level (50Hz).
(see vertical line in pink frame, on left of blue screen)

- Conclusion :

MMD Music has normalised the flow of energy in the concerned chakra.

According to the personal need of the listener MMD can increase the flow of energy or decrease the flow of energy depending on what the person bio-energy system requests.

MMD music is a natural regulator of energy in the human system...

Image 4

Level of energy in 3rd chakra point is measured.

Before listening to MMD music, it shows a correct value, consequently there is no change after listening to 3 minutes of MMD music.

- Conclusion :

Several series of tests have been made with different testees, all show a clear & quick "harmonizing" and "regulating" action of MMD music (after "only 3 minutes of listening").

Tests have been made with all CDs & with different testees, they all demonstrate the deep harmonizing function of MMD music.

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