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Effects of Multidimensional Music on Blood Cells
- Multidimensional Music stimulates proper resonance at cellular level

BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH conducted over a 2-year period has shown :

The efficiency of MMD Music in sending coherent vibrations to human living cells.

Activating cellular communication.

Triggering spectacular energy shifts.

Causing blood hyper oxygenation.

Improving haemoglobin level in the blood (activation of red cells production)

Stimulating immune system.

See the effect of Multidimensional Music on human blood cells










blood cells

a fresh sample

blood cells after 3 days

before listening to MMD

blood cells after 3 days

after listening to MMD


This is a fresh blood cell containning in the center a nucleus and around it red cells, one can notice the aspect of the nucleus in a perfect shapein a fresh blood sample.
> After keeping this sample for 3 days in a fridge see what happens on slide 2.


This sample has been taken from a patient before listening to MMD Music , it has been kept in a fridge for 3 days , the cell organisation has been lost because of "entropy".
Entropy is the action of time on living matter, also called decay or "aging".

One can clearly see that under the action of "time", the nucleus of the white cell has been totally destroyed.


This sample has been taken from the same patient after one hour of deep listening to MMD music . This sample has been kept in a fridge for 3 days aswell.

We notice that despite 3 days spent in the fridge: the blood sample has retained most of the form & information of the cell nucleus.

It gives evidence of the positive coherent effect of Multidimensional Music® on blood cells. (neg-entropic action of MMD music).


The higher order of cell organization attained during the audition of the music resists decay :
MMD music has saturated the cell with *neg-entropic(syntropic) "ordered" information that allowed "resistance" to disorder & aging.

*Neguentropy or syntropy is orderly information which organizes structures and functions of living systems and participates in intercellular bio-communication.

BIOLOGICAL research conducted by biologist Lydie RIES, over a 2 year program has shown that MMD Music® sends highly coherent signals to blood cells after only one hour of exposure to its harmonic resonance…

The increase of energy and order caused by neguentropic*or (syntropic) action of the music on blood cells is concomitant with a spectacular increase of oxygen in the blood and jump of the hemoglobin level.

The Higher levels of coherence and information in the white cells nuclei obtained after a "one hour session of deep listening to MMD" indicates an immediate correlation between the level of expanded consciousness attained by the listener and the higher performance of his blood cells. It undoubtedly shows that we are a UNIT.

UNFORTUNATELY, modern medicine has been considering the body as a strict biological entity responding mainly to "external" stimuli and has ignored the tremendous impact of our own "inner" stimuli.

- Our emotions constantly affect our body chemistry

Our expectations, our perspectives, a true connection with our deep self are strong parameters permanently affecting the way our body functions. Negative emotions have been shown to be "devastating" for the body. (Norman COUSINS. U.C.L.A)

MMD music triggers higher levels of consciousness generaly resulting into feelings of love, appreciation, beauty and joy.

Feeling well & "safe at home" is a sign of true connection with your "inner source" , when this is so, it triggers a new body chemistry showing increased levels of OXYGEN & HEMOGLOBIN in the blood.
Higher level of oxygenation & hemoglobin result in higher energy, higher resistance, higher capacity for performance, higher vitality, higher performance ...

"Healing" can be considered as a state of higher creativity, a state in which our whole being is capable of redistributing incoherent, fragmented information into a pattern that connects all dimensions of consciousness in coherence & harmony.


- Extract from press article : "Holosonic therapy" .

After years of patient work with synthesizers, sensations, and the psycho-kinetic interactions between the human brain and the musical instruments (including several period of laboratory verification) Jacotte CHOLLET was to create MULTIDIMENSIONAL MUSIC in which sound, infrasound and ultrasound work together to send vibratory messages to living cells. These harmonious frequencies by linking their resonance in the form of coherent waves (holo-phonons), have the effect of literally nourishing cells with functional information.

Studied under laboratory conditions, this musical information seems to increase their capacities and coherence, whether they are cells or neurons.

Our DNA hears music and participates in consciousness process.

Ever since music has been used as therapy, man has suspected that acoustic vibrations have a direct or indirect influence on the human organism, but no scientific proof has ever been advanced.
But with the work of Szent Gyorgyi and Herbert Frolich (both Nobel prize winners) and especially the recent work of Fritz Albert POPP on the biology of light and electromagnetic inter-cellular bio-communication, we know today that the nucleated cells , by the way of physical and vibratory configuration of its DNA, is capable of picking up, storing and broadcasting information (that is to say: order and neguentropy) about the environment.
Lydie RIES has recently brought into light a proof of the coherent action of phonons (vibratory quanta in the sound range) .

"At the moment", Pr DUTHEIL says, "Multidimensional Music is the only method already opening on supraluminous medecine as it will establish itself in the XXIst century, because it affects both consciousness and the electromagnetic body- field, because it restores order and neguentropy."


Neguentropy or neg-entropy is a negative entropy without which no living system would be viable.
By opposition to entropy which expresses an increase of disorder in the universe, neg-entropy is an impregnation of order and coherence into the structure of matter . In other terms, neguentropy is a force of information that organizes the structures and functions of living systems, and participates in inter-cellular bio-communication .

"Primordial unity of consciousness can be established or re-established by direct contact between the music and the person experiencing it, which releases emotional knots and what might be called "cysts" in the parasympathetic system. It may be observed that, in resonance with Multidimensional Music, these phenomena tend to disintegrate, and the effects is communicated from cell to cell throughout connected system.

Balancing of potentials along the meridians of acupuncture is also observed.
The effects are physical, psychic and holistic .
The phenomenon, originating with cellular perception of vibrations, is translated in part by increasingly specific sensations which correspond to an increased holistic self awareness .

"The first effect of that music is that of an auto-diagnosis", Pr. DUTHEIL says, "immediatly followed by a therapeutic effect, first the revelation of traumas, and then their immediate corrections operated by our non local higher consciousness.
At this level of higher consciousness, time no longer exists, past is superimposed on present as the hologram of our multidimensional body extends as well into the past as in the future.
There are a great number of nodal point, or energetic vortices, if you prefer, which link the different vibratory levels corresponding to different phases of our multidimensional body.
They are both photonic and tachyonic .
In order to act on the whole being and re-establish neg-entropy in the body, consciousness must play its part.


Among the different proofs of these invisible phenomena which occur within our cells above and beyond the speed of light, those recently brought to light by biologist L.RIES(4) are particularly interesting .
L.RIES : "During strong variations in my own emotional and energy states, I had noticed significant alterations of some of my biological constants .
Jacotte CHOLLET’s Multidimensional Music has enabled me to continue this research, thanks to the multiple effects of this music on different demensions: physical, emotional, psychic and energetic, and to recover scientific evidence of the link between body and mind .
Study of the physiological effects produced by resonance with Multidimensional Music is beginning to reveal the circuits that relay information between consciousness and cells" .

"In order to study the effects of this active music", specifies L.RIES, " we collected blood samples from voluntary subjects, both before and after audition of the music .
We noted important variations in the number of white corpuscle, the aging of nucleated cells, and hemoglobin. The white corpuscle, notably the poly-nuclear neutrophiles (PN), increase almost constantly up to 4700/mm3. The hemoglobin (HBO) in the sample also shows noticeable increase during auditions of this music, from 0,5 to 2 g/ liters after an audition of one to 2 hours"
. "At the same time, we carried out tests on the gas content of blood samples, noting a super oxygenation in the blood of people tested after an experiential session with M.M.D".


"As for the effects of M.M.D on cellular aging", continues L.RIES, "it was brought to light accidentally. The blood sample (both pre and post audition) were forgotten in the refrigerator, and arrived at the laboratory three days later. On the smears on the glass slides colored by May Grundwald Giemsa, we noted that the form of the nucleated blood cells from the post audition were in a better state of preservation than those sampled before the experiential session with MMD.

In the samples taken before listening to MMD, it was noted that only 20% of the PN were identifiable by their form, whereas in the post audition sample, 60% of these same cells were not only identifiable, but still intact. As for lymphocytes, we noted 34% of cells intact from samples taken before listening to the music, compared with 76% of cells intact from samples taken after listening to MMD.

The slowing of the aging process, indicated by the conservation of the form of nucleated cells, seems to indicate that M.M.D has enabled contact with information at the cellular level, accompanied by an increase in neuguentropy (order and coherence) which promotes access to a higher level of consciousness. And the fact that the red corpuscles (enucleated cells) were subject to the same aging before and after listening leads us to suppose reception of the information by the nucleus, therefore by DNA.

Since we know that "phonons" share the same electro-magnetic properties as photons, and are, in fact, their acoustic equivalent, we may conclude that DNA may, by sympathetic resonance and by a laser effect, play the role of an electro-magnetic aerial during the listening of this music.

"By a phenomenon of resonance
, audio frequencies created in a state of inner coherence may enable reinstatement of electro-magnetic coherence in the listening subject, by eliminating malformations of the electro-magnetic body.
The correct information may then be transmitted to the physical body by way of DNA and hemoglobin


We hear sound, with ultra-sound we enter into living matter, cellular environment, and with infra-sound, we touch this same matter, directly, as if with a microscopic finger.

By combining these three ranges of frequency, which is possible with synthesizers and digital recording devices, we can reach a multidimensional form of communication between consciousness and matter, between composed music and the consciousness-material totality of the receiver (who needs not necessarily only hear with his ears but also with his flesh, his cells, and all the tissues of his unconscious).

M.M.D music stands today as a means of therapy and personal development which is accessible to all,and which enables its listeners to gradually get rid of the grip of the past on emotional, physiological and psychic levels, whatever the age, from the moment the listener’s consciousness participates in the exchange of information taking place in the infinitely small spaces of his body, between the exterior environment and the inner subatomic or quantic phenomena.


Used by an increasing number of researchers, artists, people who are looking for a better level of development and accomplishment in whatever field it may be, Multidimensional Music has become a tool for exploring other dimensions of consciousness with notable results on the increase of creativity, of memory, of concentration, of capacity for "insight", of intuition.
MMD music maximizes performance and favors unfolding of latent innate skills.
Experience shows that the more efficient we already are, the greater and the more rapid the growth of efficiency is

    An aid to auto-diagnosis

    M.M.D stimulates awareness of the energetic phenomena responsible for disorder, with a view to correcting them by volitive restoration of information, a process which is involved in self-healing .
    This mode of diagnosis enables the subject to become aware of the energeti
    c disorder, including the cause of this disorder (the circumstances which have led to the "rupture with the correct information", even if this occurred many years before).
    Therapeutic mode

    The therapeutic mode in which consciousness plays a part proceeds a re-calibration and re-balancing of the electro-magnetic field (the energy body), which leads to noticeable improvement, both physical and psychic.


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